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Huh. Never noticed that I had well over 100 watchers, let alone 150. That's... That's some kindness, right there. I really appreciate it!
Above the Pacific Ocean, 10:32 a.m. The Yoshitsune was fighting the Lancelot Conquista, on top of a Britannian flagship.

Alistair: It was you, at the battle for Tokyo! You took control of Suzaku's body!
Sigma: Damn you, Wake! I hate you! I hate you, with every fiber of my being! You took the only person I could trust away from me!
Alistair: Big whoop. You're all assholes.
Sigma: No, you're the asshole! Your constant heroics and moralism make me sick! You have no understanding on how this world works! Power is everything! Power is limitless! Power-!
Alistair: Is nothing. Power leads nowhere. People work together to destroy power. You're just an ambitious asshole who can't function without Mercer.
Sigma: I won't fall to you, anymore! I'm the strongest there is! When I'm through, the world will be a technological haven!
Alistair: You wanna wipe out humanity that you don't like. You really are a mess.
Sigma: (laughs)
Alistair: (Yoshitsune looks left) You actually made it.

Sigma continued laughing evilly as Enclave airships were approaching the Britannian flagship.

Inside the Yatagarasu, Nunnally was brought to the bridge and saw the Enclave's fleet.

Nunnally: What the...!?
Ranger: Those are definitely Enclave ships!
Kanda: What's the flagship!?
Ranger: It's... Oh, shit! YORKTOWN!
Kanda: Oh, that is unfair!

Aboard the Enclave flagship, Yorktown, Sears walked onto the bridge, surveying the situation.

Sears: So... These are the Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks. Sigma's already found Wake, so he'll be occupied. All forces, prepare to attack. If the Rounds get caught in the crossfire...we'll just label them as collateral damage.

Back at the Britannian airship, the Tristan and Mordred noticed the Enclave fleet, then brought their attention back to the Lancelot.

Gino: So, the reason why he's been so pissy...
Alistair: Was 'cause of this silicon prick.
Anya: An AI. Certainly new.
Sigma: You're mine, Wake! Vengeance is mine!
Kallen: Hey, Sigma! Try this on for size!

The Guren fired from its missile launcher, which launched Gefjun Disturbers, straight at the Lancelot, causing Sigma to scream in pain and the Lancelot to power down.

Kallen: Suzaku! Suzaku!
Alistair: You better be alive, you bastard!
Gino: So, this is the real Suzaku?
Suzaku: Gino... You could...stand to be...a good person. Same...for Anya.
Gino: Well...yeah.
Alistair: Suzaku, where's Sigma, on your body!?
Suzaku: Don't...know... Shit...!
Sigma: How dare you awaken, human mongrel! Die!
Suzaku: No... I promised... For Lelouch...Nunnally...and Euphie... I!
Sigma: Shut up, shut up, shut up! Your god damn, idiotic, nonsensical drivel on hope makes me sick! Damn you all! Damn all you heroic, moral humans! Wretched abominations, all of you! I'll kill you!
Sears: (over speakers) Recall Code: S-75491, Mercer.
Sigma: (pauses) (Lancelot flies towards Enclave fleet)
Gino: Who are these guys?
Alistair: The Confederate Enclave. I drove them into hiding, and I'm going to kill them all.
Gino: Sworn enemies, huh? So, what do we do?
Anya: I suggest a temporary truce.
Alistair: Or, you two could get the hell out of here.
Gino: (pauses) Nah, I wanna see how good you are!

In the Yatagarasu's bridge, the Mavericks were panicking to their stations, stressed at the Enclave forces. Nunnally brought her wheelchair to the captain's station.

Nunnally: People, listen to me! We can't afford to let Alistair's enemies come back and do as they please! We need to make them pay for what they've done! They're holding Alistair's future hostage, and we're freeing Alistair of this burden! And, I hate to swear, but...get your asses in gear!
Kanda: To be fair, you make swearing sound adorable. But, the problem is that we don't have very many float units. And, the guns won't reach, 'cause of that ship and the Black Knights, in the way.
Nunnally: There has to be something... (notices big button) "H.G.C."? Might as well!

Nunnally slammed her hand on the button, and the captain's station began rising toward the ceiling.

Nunnally: Huh?! What?! What does "H.G.C." stand for?!

Meanwhile, at the Black Knights' submarine, the Guren gently laid Zero on top of it, and medics carried him inside.

Kallen: Alright, now that he's safe, let's get these assholes!
Rakshata: (over radio) I'd sit back, if I were you.
Kallen: What are you-? Jesus Christ.

The sides of the top portion of the Yatagarasu began extending, pointing massive gatling barrels in the direction the ship is facing. Nunnally found herself looking out at the Enclave fleet, with aiming controls in front of her.

Nunnally: Hadron Gatling Cannons. Works for me!

Aboard one of the Enclave airships, the captain saw the gatling barrels being rotating, energy charging inside the cannons.

Enclave Cannons: (laughs) What good will that do? They'll hit their allies! (laughs)

As the Hadron Gatling Cannons started firing, the last thing the Enclave captain saw was a diamond-shaped shot of Hadron energy, its edge piercing through his head.

The Hadron Gatling Cannons continued its rapid fire assault, destroying every Enclave airship, save for the Yorktown, as it defended itself with its Blaze Luminous.

Sears: Clever. To think that Hadron could become actual projectiles. No matter. Prepare the Hadron cannons.

As the Yorktown began charging its Hadron cannons, the Black Knights aboard the Britannian flagship began ejecting from their Knightmares.

Tohdoh: Abort, abort, abort! Move it! (ejects from Gekka)

As Tohdoh ejected, the entire flagship was destroyed by the Yorktown's Hadron Cannons.

Sears: It appears the engines weren't fully calibrated to the Hadron Cannons. I suppose we must retreat. For now. Full speed reverse.

Meanwhile, at the Britannian royal palace, Luciano Bradley was watching the TV in the Knights of the Rounds' lounge. The footage he saw was the Yoshitsune gaining the upper hand against the Tristan and Mordred.

Luciano Bradley: What the hell am I looking at? Is that Gino and Anya? Is that-? Is that supposed to be me? Is that me stronger than me!? I'll freaking kill me!

Back over the Pacific Ocean, Lloyd looked out at the battle in front of the Avalon, and saw the Yoshitsune's float unit.

Lloyd: (smiles) Look at that. He got the float unit schematics I left.
Cecile: You left the schematics behind, on purpose?
Lloyd: Had to do something. Otherwise, our friends wouldn't have the upper hand.
Cecile: What are we going to do about Sigma?
Lloyd: Don't know. He's fixated on Alistair. Perhaps Rakshata has lots of Gefjun devices handy.

The Yoshitsune cut through the Tristan's polearm, then one of the Mordred's shoulders.

Gino: Wow! You really are good!
Alistair: Can you go, now?
Gino: Okay, fine! Come on, Anya.
Anya: (Mordred waves) Bye.
Alistair: Aw. That's cute. Wonder how Zero's doin'?

Inside the Black Knights' submarine, Zero laid in a medical bed, unconscious and randomly twitching.

Rakshata: And...he said his heart was hurting?
Kallen: I think it might have been almost seeing Nunnally killed.
Rakshata: Ah, guilt. And, possibly, the only thing that kept him sane. You can deal with where he goes, right? (exits room)
Kallen: (thinking) Lelouch... I hope you're okay.
Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 6 Part 4
Turn 6: Rescue Above the Pacific Ocean
Part 4: Yorktown

Nunnally's rescue has been assured, but the Enclave's flagship has come to fruition, as Sigma's rage intensifies.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
Britannian flagship, 10:12 a.m. Zero approached Nunnally, who was sitting alone in her wheelchair, wearing sunglasses.

Nunnally: I was actually expecting Alistair, but you're just as good.
Zero: (thinking) She got her memories back?! That's a step I can skip! (out loud) Nunnally Lamperouge. I'm here to rescue you.
Nunnally: That's a given. Unfortunately, your guys are about to be swarmed. You should tell them to retreat, while they can.
Zero: Not until we get you out of here.
Nunnally: Aren't you a hero? Well... (removes sunglasses) I do like that, about you.
Zero: (thinking) Nunnally... You can see...

Outside the flagship, the Black Knights' Knightmares attempted to fight off Zanzibar's Vincent, but failed to keep up, the Guren included.

Kallen: How is he so fast?! He's kicking our asses! He's supposed to be a pushover!
Tohdoh: To Alistair, yeah. You're forgetting that we never fought these guys, before, and he was one of Hawking's second-in-commands. If Sears was the brains...
Kallen: He's the combat specialist. Shit.
Zanzibar: Your end is here, Elevens! And, the Knights of the Round have arrived!
Kallen: Double shit.
Asahina: What's that jet!?

As Asahina's Gekka tried to shoot down the Tristan, in its jet form, the Tristan got close and transformed.

Asahina: Oh, shit! Starscream-!

The Tristan severely damaged Asahina's Gekka with its MVS polearm, causing Asahina to eject.

Tohdoh: So much for ease. Brace for impact! That last ship's heading for us!

Before the last airship could reach the flagship, the Mordred fired its Stark Hadron Cannon, destroying the ship.

Gino: Man, the Mordred's a powerhouse. Anya, can you be a little more careful?
Anya: It exploded away from the flagship. No problem, there.
Gino: Well... Okay, yeah, good reaction time.

Meanwhile, aboard the Avalon, Suzaku entered the hangar, looking at the newly upgraded Lancelot.

Suzaku: The armaments weren't fixed. No matter. The new attachment will do.

Back inside the flagship, Nunnally and Zero continued their conversation.

Nunnally: I had no idea that Civility kidnapped me and messed up my memories. My own father...rather, my former father... He was the one who made me shut my eyes, for so long. I could remember conversations that scientists had. "Geass", they called it. The same power that was given to Agents of Civility. I don't know what the Emperor of Ego is plotting...but it can't be good.
Zero: It isn't.
Nunnally: It's you, isn't it, Lelouch? I know your voice, anywhere. Can you take off the mask?

Lelouch took off the mask, revealing his crying face.

Lelouch: Nunnally...
Nunnally: Wow. Alistair was right. You are good-looking.

The Lancelot Conquista launched from the Avalon, straight towards the flagship. The Lancelot fired its VARIS at the Guren.

Suzaku: You still live, Eleven? Pathetic. You aren't worth my time.

The Lancelot Conquista's VARIS extension, the Hadron Blaster, locked itself with the VARIS and fired at the Guren, making contact and destroying the Radiant Wave Surger arm.

Kallen: Dammit!
Suzaku: Now... Zero. Core Luminous Cone, active.

Back inside the flagship, Lelouch and Nunnally could feel the ship shaking.

Nunnally: I think we're about to have company.
Lelouch: Shit!

The Lancelot Conquista burst through one of the walls of the garden, using its Blaze Luminous to drill a hole into it.

Lelouch: (holds on to column) I knew it! It was you!
Suzaku: Lelouch vi Britannia. Still you live, still you defy. Wasted potential. (Lancelot points VARIS at Lelouch) Any attempt you can think of, to fight me, is pointless. You can't hurt me.
Nunnally: How about this one!?

Nunnally pulled the pin on a strange grenade and threw it at the Lancelot. The grenade exploded with an electromagnetic pulse and Suzaku screamed in pain, despite that fact. When the pulse faded, the Lancelot's right eye turned orange, as well as Suzaku's, and his voice was completely different.

Familiar Voice: (enraged) You living, breathing pile of shit! You'll pay for your benevolence, you human scum!

Lelouch slowly began to recognize the voice, as it echoed in his thoughts. He then remembered what had happened at Kamine Island.

2017 a.t.b., Kamine Island. Suzaku pointed his gun at Lelouch, and Kallen pointed her gun at Suzaku.

Kallen: Suzaku! Drop the gun, now!
Suzaku: (lowers gun, chuckles)
Kallen: You think this is funny!? Drop it!

Suzaku's laughter got louder, until his voice suddenly changed with a more evil laugh. Suzaku turned around and Kallen saw that his right eye turned orange.

Suzaku: I'm not your puppet of a friend.
Kallen: What the hell...?
Lelouch: Sigma.
Civility AI Sigma: In the suit of shit you call flesh.
Lelouch: The one time I didn't bring that tazer. Could've settled it, here.
Kallen: What the hell do you want, Sigma!?
Sigma: Revenge. Wake took everything from me, and I'll take away what's precious, to him.
Kallen: Oh, so you're still butthurt, 'cause your boyfriend died?
Sigma: Don't you mock me!
Lelouch: I don't even know if AIs can even attain sexuality, but that's the response I'd pick, anyway.
Sigma: Shut up! You humans are such a headache! You snark, insult and be heroes, for no reason! It sickens me! People like you are an insult to life!
Kallen: Well, what do you know? You're not just an AI... You're a PTSD'd a-hole.
Lelouch: I'll be damned. An AI with PTSD. Sounds like a first, to me.
Sigma: I said, shut up! You wastes of life! You're nothing but walking, talking piles of shit!
Lelouch: There's really no reasoning with this prick.
Kallen: He's a sociopathic mess.
Sigma: Die... DIIIIE!

Before Sigma could use Suzaku's body to point his gun back at Lelouch, Kallen wrapped her arms around Suzaku's waist.

Kallen: Not today!
Sigma: Get your hands off me, you benevolent worm!

Kallen lifted Suzaku's body and German Suplexed Sigma on the stone stairs, knocking Sigma out.

Lelouch: Well...that happened.
Kallen: We need to take care of him, when we get back, with Nunnally.

Present day, Britannian flagship. Lelouch held on to the column as the Lancelot pointed its VARIS at him.

Lelouch: Sigma, you bastard! Let Suzaku go!
Nunnally: So it was Sigma!
Sigma: You're all paying, for your insolence! What?!

Outside the flagship, the Yatagarasu approached the flagship, with the Yoshitsune standing on the front.

Chiba: Alistair?! (grunts)

Chiba's Gekka was restrained by the Mordred grabbing its head, and crushing it with one hand.

Anya: Alistair Wake, spotted.
Gino: Really? (Tristan's MVS polearm impales Senba's Gekka) Oh, whoops.
Senba: I've lived...too long...anyway... (Gekka explodes)
Gino: Ah... Sorry? (Tristan looks at Yatagarasu) Oh, shit, look at that! It's huge! And... That's...the Yoshitsune?
Alistair: Hi, Gino. Anya.
Gino: That guy from the festival! You're Alistair Wake?!
Alistair: Bingo. Entry Harken, please.

The Yatagarasu launched a Slash Harken at the flagship, connecting with it, and the Yoshitsune grinded on the wire. The Tristan attempted to intercept the Yoshitsune, but its attacks were blocked.

Alistair: Look, I ain't got time to play. Where's Nunnally Lamperouge?
Gino: Sorry, but I can't let that happen!

The Tristan continued its offensive as the Mordred fired its Stark Hadron Cannon, causing the Yoshitsune to dodge and fall off of the wire as it was destroyed.

Gino: Man... Why can't these guys have aerial units-? What the-?

The Tristan and Mordred saw the Yoshitsune rise past one of the wings of the flagship, using boosters on its feet. The Yoshitsune's backpack suddenly extended, revealing a float unit as the boosters shut off.

Gino: Well... Was that from the Siegfried prototype?
Alistair: Damn right. Lloyd left behind the schematics, before he was kidnapped.
Gino: Wait, kidnapped?
Sigma: I swear I'll end you!
Alistair: That voice... That bastard!

Back at the garden, Lelouch struggled to hold on to the column and had to find better holding with the foliage.

Nunnally: Hang on, Lelouch!
Lelouch: I'm trying!
Sigma: Die! All of you, die!
Alistair: SIGMA!

The Lancelot was suddenly tackled away by the Yoshitsune. Lelouch reached Nunnally and held her hand, trying to save her from the wind current.

Lelouch: Nunnally! I won't let go! Not after all this!
Nunnally: Lelouch... I...

Back outside the flagship, the Guren could no longer hold on to the wing of the flagship and started falling.

Kallen: I can't believe it... I... I failed you...Alistair.
Rakshata: (over radio) Sorry for the delay. I think it's time to show these clowns something dynamic. Launching Guren update, now.

The Black Knights' submarine launched the glide wing pack towards the falling Guren, catching it and re-equipping its Radiant Wave Surger arm.

Rakshata: Oh, and that pack comes with a new Stinger. Have fun.
Kallen: I will!

The Guren was launched upward and activated its float unit.

Gino: Oh, it can fly, now?
Zanzibar: I'll end you, Eleven!
Kallen: Wait 'till I fry you!
Kaguya: (over radio) Well... You can. From there.
Kallen: Alrighty, then!

The Guren activated its Radiant Wave Surger and fired a beam at Zanzibar's Vincent, making a direct hit.

Zanzibar: No! I just got this unit!

Zanzibar ejected as his Vincent exploded.

Tohdoh: Kallen, Zero needs help!
Kallen: Nunnally... I'm coming!

Back at the garden, Lelouch was starting to lose his grip on Nunnally.

Lelouch: No! Please, hang on!
Nunnally: It's okay, Lelouch. I can try to swim, at least. It was good to see you, at last.

Nunnally put Lelouch's mask back on his head and let go of Lelouch's hand. As Lelouch watched Nunnally fall towards the hole in the wall, time seemed to slow, and his heart stopped beating. Before Nunnally could fall towards the ocean, a pearl white Vincent caught her, and Lelouch's heart started beating again. As Zero fell through the air, the Guren caught him.

Kallen: Zero! Are you alright!?
Zero: (inhales sharply, coughs) Oh, God! (coughs) My heart hurts! (coughs) I... Oh... (passes out)

The pearl white Vincent landed in the hangar of the Yatagarasu, putting Nunnally down, gently.

Kanda: What the hell?
Nunnally: Oh! Are you the Tokyo Mavericks?
Kanda: Nunnally! Yeah, we're here to rescue you.
Nunnally: That's good. (looks at Vincent) Um... Thank you.
Vincent: (static, then speakerphones turn on) Yeah, no problem. I just got here, but I'll get used to this.
Nunnally: Huh?

Nunnally looked at the Vincent's head and saw a small Greek letter for "alpha".

Nunnally: (gasps) You're...Alpha!
Civility AI Alpha: Yeah. How'd you know that?
Nunnally: I-I'm Nunnally! I'm friends with Alistair! He told me about how he rescued you!
Alpha: You're one of Alistair's friends, huh? You're cute enough to be one. So, we're friends, too. Hey, I gotta get back out there, kick some ass.
Nunnally: Do just that. Please.
Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 6 Part 3
Turn 6: Rescue Above the Pacific Ocean
Part 3: Root of Ambition

As Lelouch boards the Britannian flagship to rescue Nunnally, the truth about Suzaku is revealed.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
Tokyo Mavericks hangar, 9:43 a.m. Holiday looked through her clipboard to check if everything that she had done was in order.

Sharon "Doc" Holiday: Alright. That should be everything.
Euphemia: What are you up to?
Holiday: Just making sure everything was loaded up.
Euphemia: Loaded into what?

Holiday pushed a button on a nearby wall and a large, black airship rose from the ground, in front of Euphemia.

Euphemia: This thing is huge! And, it can fly!?
Holiday: Thought I was just trying to weaponized electricity? Nah, I've been upgrading that, too.
Euphemia: What do you mean, "upgrading"?
Holiday: You didn't know? That bad boy was decommissioned, back in 1998, a.t.b.
Euphemia: 19- Wait! Is that-?
Alistair: (walks up to Euphemia) The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. An advanced, long-range strategic reconnaissance aircraft, capable of Mach 3 and an altitude of 85,000 feet. But, thanks to some much-needed updating, it's capable of combat. Behold its reincarnation... The Yatagarasu.
Euphemia:'s that big, that heavy...?
Alistair: Still capable of Mach 3.
Euphemia: And, it's a carrier, to boot! How many Knightmares fit in there!?
Alistair: Uh... 2 hund?
Holiday: Try 4 hundred.
Euphemia: Shit...! And, it's got a perfect spot for snipers, on the front!
Alistair: Exactly. I've been trying to get a good design, and this was the one Holiday liked best. Oh, get this, we also found some float unit schematics. I think Lloyd left 'em.
Euphemia: Yeah, we need to rescue him and Cecile, as well.
Alistair: Gotta find an opening.
Euphemia: So... When does this thing fly?
Alistair: Zero said to give him about...5 minutes, when the op starts. If Nunnally hasn't been rescued, by that time, or he's completely surrounded, we wreck ass.

Meanwhile, at the Chinese embassy, Zero gathered the Black Knights together to tell them about his plan.

Zero: You may not be aware of this, but the Emperor of Ego is attempting to send a new Viceroy, to Japan.
Tohdoh: So, why the big meeting? We can just shoot the ship down.
Zero: The Viceroy's name is Nunnally Lamperouge.
Tohdoh: (clenches fist, fingers crack) No.
Chiba: That cute girl you tried to rescue?! Why?!
Zero: Civility was responsible for the kidnapping.
Asahina: They messed with her memories.
Kallen: This is a rescue mission?
Zero: Exactly. A request from her brother, Lelouch Lamperouge. And, I'm sure as hell not allowing him to suffer without her, any longer.
Tohdoh: Go time.
Ryoga Senba: Never seen Tohdoh that mad, before.
Asahina: The remarks are definitely full of rage. He's not yelling, though.
Senba: Ah, that kind of pissed.
Tamaki: Everything's loaded up!
Zero: Gear up! Go, go, go!

3 minutes later, Britannian flagship. Nunnally's assigned advisor, Alicia Lohmeyer, entered Nunnally's room and saw that Nunnally was facing the table mirror.

Alicia Lohmeyer: We'll be arriving at Area 11 in an hour, Viceroy.
Nunnally: Good to hear. I don't mean to annoy, but... Is there any perfume on this table? I can't seem to find it.
Lohmeyer: I'll check. (walks up to table) No... Doesn't look like it-

Nunnally immediately grabbed Lohmeyer's arm and dragged her to her knees, pointing the pistol that Alistair gave her at Lohmeyer's face.

Nunnally: Found my gun.
Lohmeyer: Your eyes are open! I thought-!
Nunnally: Oh, you know something? I'm glad that I don't have to ask that question. You're going to tell me what I want to know. Now.
Lohmeyer: They never told me you were like this! I thought you were innocent, nice!
Nunnally: I am nice. (takes a deep breath) It's just that I don't tolerate being...pissed off.
Lohmeyer: Okay, this is scaring me.
Nunnally: You don't want to tell me anything? Perhaps if you had no knees, you'd know how I feel...
Lohmeyer: Alright! I'll talk!
Nunnally: Spill it. Or I send you to a nunnery.
Lohmeyer: The Knight of Seven's running the show! He's making me do this!
Nunnally: He's not the Suzaku I know. Who is he?
Lohmeyer: I don't know! All I saw was a random...glint in his eye.
Nunnally: Peculiar. What else?
Lohmeyer: I snuck a peek at his journal, while he wasn't around. All it read was: "Kill Alistair Wake. Kill Alistair Wake. Kill Alistair Wake." All capitals, every page.
Nunnally: (sighs) Not even a name, on that journal?
Lohmeyer: Well... Actually there was another journal. It was normal writing, there. Mentioned kinship with the Knight of Ten, Luciano Bradley. Said he was mad, because he couldn't come along.
Nunnally: What's so special about the Knight of Ten?
Lohmeyer: Aside from abysmal Knighmare versatility, he's a complete sociopath. He likes to kill people, for the hell of it.
Nunnally: That's everything you know?
Lohmeyer: That's all, I swear!
Nunnally: (puts pistol away) Unless you want to get blown up, when the Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks show up to rescue me, I suggest you get off this ship. Effective immediately.
Lohmeyer: Done! (runs out of room)
Nunnally: Alright... Who could this guy be? It's not Suzaku, but why keep his look? Let's see... Random orange glint... Grudge against Alistair... Befriends...more of a Neutral Evil, than a Chaotic Evil- Oh, crap!

Back at Tokyo, Suzaku, Gino and Anya confronted Xingke, in front of the Chinese embassy.

Suzaku: Gone? What do you mean "gone"?
Xingke: Exactly what I mean. Zero left, as well. They left through an underground tunnel, though I don't exactly know how they got back out.
Suzaku: Meager prey. We're giving chase.
Gino: Hey, you think they're gonna go after Nunnally?
Suzaku: Of course. Typical hero. Scum of the Earth...
Anya: Here we go, again.

5 minutes later, above the Pacific Ocean. Utilizing air transports to carry the Knightmares, the Black Knights approached the fleet of Britannian airships.

Zero: Our objective is the rescue of Nunnally Lamperouge. We have to get her back!
Black Knights: Got it!
Zero: (thinking) Alistair... Nunnally needs you. I can't do this, on my own. My hopes ride with you.
Ohgi: Damn VTOLs! They took out one of our carriers!
Zero: You've got guns, too! One-handed ones, in fact!
Black Knight: Not wrong!

Meanwhile, inside the flagship, a Knightmare activated itself, and looked at its surroundings. It then looked at its hands, opening and closing them. It then noticed a scientist that was focused on a terminal.

Scientist: I don't get how it could look like this. This wasn't part of the schematics!

The Knightmare picked up the scientist by his shirt, bring him closer to its face.

Scientist: What?! What is this?! What's going-?! (looks at Knightmare's face, screams in terror)

Back outside the flagship, Tohdoh's Gekka destroyed one of the turrets on a wing, a Burai doing the same on another.

Tohdoh: Zero, are you sure you didn't need a Knightmare?
Zero: Positive. I'm going in.
Tohdoh: Good luck.

Inside the flagship, a medic and security guard were attempting to open a door leading to a corridor.

Britannian Medic: Do you think Knightmares can actually fit in here?
Britannian Security Guard: Don't know! We just need to get the survivors-

The door opened and the corridor was filled with smoke, Zero emerging from it as the airlock cleared the corridor, a gust of wind blowing on his cape.

Zero: Knock, knock.
Britannian Medic: Zero?!
Zero: (left side of mask opens, activates Geass) Ever felt like joining a swim team!? Now's your chance!
Britannian Security Guard: Dive, or cannonball?
Zero: Doesn't matter. Get in that ocean. (walks through door) Gotta find her...

Back outside the flagship, the surrounding airships began falling down, towards the ocean.

Asahina: Well, this seems easy, but I feel like-
Tohdoh: Trouble, behind the flagship!
Asahina: There it is.
Chiba: Those Knightmares... They have float units!
Kallen: That commander one! Same look, different colors... It's the Enclave!
Tohdoh: So, he's come out to play.
Zanzibar: The Vincent Enclave shall be your end, Elevens.

Inside the flagship's garden, Zero entered through the door, and saw a familiar wheelchair.

Zero: (thinking) Nunnally...
Nunnally: You certainly know how to make an entrance. I've been wanting to talk to you, for a while, now.
Zero: Huh?

Nunnally turned her wheelchair around, revealing that she was wearing sunglasses.

Nunnally: I'm glad that we can finally meet, Zero.
Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 6 Part 2
Turn 6: Rescue Above the Pacific Ocean
Part 2: Against the Odds

Nunnally has regained her memories and seeks the truth, as the Black Knights prepare for her rescue.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
Ashford Academy, 8:12 p.m. Lelouch was frozen with fear, his hand holding Suzaku's cell phone and Suzaku standing behind him, on the rooftop of the main building.

Suzaku: Talk. I won't repeat myself.
Nunnally: (over phone) Lelouch? Is it you?
Lelouch: (thinking) Dammit... Dammit, dammit, dammit! I don't know what to do! I have to let her know that I'm alright! But, if I do...! I don't know...!

Lelouch slowly looked behind him and saw Rolo, at the doorway. Rolo activated his Geass, specifically to stop Suzaku.

Lelouch: Thank you! (out loud) Nunnally!
Rolo: (eyes widen, thinking) Nunnally? Alright, take all the time you need. She's...your real family.
Nunnally: Lelouch! I'm glad-!
Lelouch: Listen to me. I don't have much time. We have to act like complete strangers, for now, okay? I'll find a way to rescue you, I promise! (looks at Rolo, mouthing) I'm done. Go, go!
Rolo: (gives thumbs up, goes through door)
Lelouch: (thinking) Thanks, Rolo. Nunnally deserves another brother. (out loud) Sorry, the person who handed me this phone must have confused me for someone else. Sorry. Oh, you were looking for Alistair Wake? No, don't know who that is, either. Sorry to waste your time.
Nunnally: Lelouch... I don't know anyone named Alistair Wake.
Lelouch: (thinking) There it is. The cruel punch line. (hands phone back to Suzaku, out loud) Sounds like a nice girl.
Suzaku: (crushes cell phone) Waste of time.

As Suzaku was about to leave, Alistair opened the door, and finally reunited with Suzaku.

Alistair: (smiles) Hey, buddy.
Suzaku: Move aside.
Alistair: Hey, it's been a couple of months. I missed you.
Suzaku: I have no time for nonsense. Stand aside.
Alistair: Well, before you turn in, I gotta ask you a few questions. You know, for personal reasons.
Suzaku: (takes a deep breath) Ask.
Alistair: Why'd you join the Britannian military, despite being Japanese.
Suzaku: I was bored. Especially, because of your friend, here.
Alistair: Mm-hmm. And, uh, what happened between you and your father, again?
Suzaku: Nothing. I had a normal childhood.
Alistair: (stops smiling) Mm-hmm.
Suzaku: If you're done with inane questions, I'll take my leave. (walks toward door)
Alistair: Last question, Suzaku.
Suzaku: (stops walking) Very well.
Alistair: What's your girlfriend's name?
Suzaku: (pauses, turns around) I don't have one.
Alistair: Wrong answer.

Alistair kicked Suzaku to the wall and repeatedly punched his face, holding him against the wall.

Alistair: You're not Suzaku Kururugi. I don't know who you are, but you're done, here. Whatever plots you were about to use are now null and void. Now, you're gonna tell me everything I wanna know, or I'll have my friend Rolo peel your dick like a banana!
Suzaku: You know nothing, Wake. I will have my revenge-
Alistair: (headbutts Suzaku) Spare me the melodrama. (drags Suzaku to door) Get off my turf. (kicks Suzaku down the stairs, closes door) You were right. It's not him.
Lelouch: He made me talk to Nunnally. She didn't know you.
Alistair: That's Civility for you. Assholes with impossible tech. (pulls out walkie-talkie) Ranger to Glaston. Spread this message as you escort Suzaku off of the premises. Until further notice, Suzaku Kururugi is not allowed on Ashford grounds.

The next day, Pendragon military base. Sears walked with the general of the Britannian Air Force, aboard one of the new aircrafts.

General Upson Thompson: This should be simple. I don't see how it could be difficult.
Sears: Nothing is ever simple. You're dealing with an enemy of the Enclave, that nearly wiped us out. As well as-
General Upson: Spare me your theories. It doesn't matter if they took the best that Britannia had to offer, on that small waste of land.
Sears: Then, there's Zero.
General Upson: He's dead, "Mr. President". The Zero that reared his head is an imposter.
Sears: If we know Zero in a way that you don't, then you know full well that's impossible. The Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks have resurfaced. Don't take them lightly. If you do, we'll have to be the ones to clean up your mess. (adjusts glasses) Am I clear?
General Upson: Am I supposed to be scared?
Sears: Your funeral. (walks off)
General Upson: Hmph. "Four eyes, zero soul," indeed. Where's that Earl?
Lloyd Asplund: Don't rush me.

Lloyd and Cecile walked up to Upson, Lloyd completely different from his normal self, with a scowl on his face.

Lloyd: Atlas' demands aren't my style. Buzzkills. (sighs) Need a new nicotine patch.
General Upson: You...smoke?
Lloyd: Not anymore.
Cecile Croomy: The Lancelot's ready.
General Upson: Good. We've already lost two princesses and a prince to this scum. We're not losing any more!
Lloyd: You lost Schneizel, 10 years ago. If he met you, now, he'd probably shoot you. For being an asshole.
General Upson: I'll forgive that insult, for now. Be ready to move out. (walks off)
Cecile: Way to start a fight.
Lloyd: We've been held prisoner for months. I'm done being Civility's bitch. It's about time that they returned to being the world's bitch.

Meanwhile, in the capital city of China, Kaguya was having dinner with the Empress of the Chinese Federation, Tianzi, two of the High Eunuchs watching over them.

Kaguya Sumeragi: So, his enemies are back, huh? This is bad.
Tianzi: What's wrong?
Kaguya: I'm going to have to leave, soon.
Tianzi: Please, not now. (tears up) Not when I've made a real friend.
Kaguya: Singular? Try a lot of new friends. Especially the one I'm concerned about, Alistair.
Tianzi: What's he like?
Kaguya: He's...the nicest guy I know. He's really nice to girls. Especially after he was...mercilessly rejected, many times. You might see your new friends, soon! Don't you worry!

Back at Ashford, Lelouch was talking with C.C., in the Mavericks control room, while C.C. was at the Chinese embassy.

C.C.: (over screen) Nunnally's going to attempt to be the new Viceroy. Are you going to fight her?
Lelouch: ...Was that supposed to be a joke? I'm not laughing.
C.C.: What if Civility messed with her head? What then?
Lelouch: We fix it. Without hurting her.
C.C.: She really means that much, to you?
Lelouch: She has meaning for Alistair, too! We have to save her! No matter what!
C.C.: What if she doesn't want to be saved? What if she wants to kill Zero? What if she wants to eliminate that Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks? What if-?
Lelouch: (glares at C.C., tears up)
C.C.: (pauses) Sorry. You're right. We have to rescue her. Civility messed with her memories, and we'll fix them.
Lelouch: Is it so hard to sound idealistic? Because you actually made sense, there, and sounded like a person.
C.C.: Immortality. V.V.'s got it, too. He's your former dad's first ally.
Lelouch: He actually had an ally?
C.C.: His chief confederate. They made a pact, long before you were ever born.

Meanwhile, at the Sword of Akasha, V.V. and Charles stood at the end of the platform, looking at the eternal sunset.

V.V.: Impressive, isn't it? Civility's technology, I mean?
Charles: Yes. It worked as well as I had hoped. Especially with Nunnally.
V.V.: You left out the fact that Lelouch, her own brother, was Zero.
Charles: Would you tell her?
V.V.: You're still a child, behind those wrinkles.
Charles: Perhaps I am...big brother.
V.V.: Rather unfortunate, gaining immortality at such a young age. Now, I'm stuck, like this.
Charles: It's rather hard to believe that you're the source of Geass, for cyborgs.
V.V.: Worthy cyborgs. Civility's technological possibilities are endless. Our contract will come to fruition.
Charles: We will slay God.

Meanwhile, aboard a Britannian flagship, Nunnally waited in her room, for her return to Japan.

Nunnally: Lelouch will be so happy to see me, after all this time. I wonder...could there be any perfume, in here?

Nunnally moved her wheelchair towards the table mirror and felt around, until she grabbed a strange box.

Nunnally: Huh? Feels like...a ring box? What could-?

When Nunnally opened the box, music began playing.

Nunnally: Oh! A music box! So pretty. So... S-So... (tears up, trembles)

2017 a.t.b., Ashford Academy, Nunnally's room. Alistair placed a music box in Nunnally's hands, as it played its music.

Nunnally: It's a pretty song.
Alistair: My mom left it for me. That's a rendition of a Metallica song. "Nothing Else Matters." I want you to have it. I don't need it, anymore.
Nunnally: Thank you. Um...could you sing it, for me?
Alistair: You're lucky. The ending's my favorite part, and mom had this variant of the ending custom made. (singing) Never cared for what they say. Never cared for games they played. Never cared for what they do. Never cared for what they know. And, I know. (pauses) And, nothing else matters...

2018 a.t.b., Britannian flagship.

Nunnally: (singing) And, nothing else matters...

Nunnally cried into her forearm, as she laid her head on the table. Suddenly, she heard a distorted shattering sound and looked up. She slowly moved her eyelids and opened her eyes.

Nunnally: I... I can see? (looks at music box) Thank you...Alistair.

Nunnally then heard talking, outside her room. She opened the door and saw Suzaku at the other end, talking on his phone.

Suzaku: Everything is proceeding as planned, Director. (pauses) She won't be a liability. I'll kill her before that happens. (pauses) I will do anything to kill Wake, no matter the cost. I will have my revenge.
Nunnally: (closes door) That's not Suzaku. He wants to kill Alistair... What do I do? (takes a deep breath) Okay... I've done it my way. There are times when being nice is mandatory. Not this time. This calls for the Alistair Wake approach.
Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 6 Part 1
Turn 6: Rescue Above the Pacific Ocean
Part 1: Matters of Life

Lelouch learns that Nunnally is safe, but also learns a harsh truth that cannot last.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP


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