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Babel Tower, 12:46 p.m. Lelouch looked at Alistair Wake, his friend that he thought was dead, back at Kamine Island, with tears in his eyes.

Lelouch: I... I thought you were dead! I'm so glad you're alive!
Alistair: Well, the fire didn't reach me, but the shockwave launched me so hard that I landed on the top of my head.
Lelouch: Same. (wipes tears away, smiles) Don't worry me like that, again, you son of a bitch.
Alistair: You do realize I've taken bigger hits than that, right?
Lelouch: Sorry. It's just that Nunnally was kidnapped, and Suzaku was acting weird-
Alistair: Yeah, I've been meaning to ask about that. What's up with that?
Kallen: Can't remember. But, I did try to save you, Lelouch.
Lelouch: You did?

2017 a.t.b., Kamine Island. As the island began exploding, Kallen stood up and saw the Lancelot carry Lelouch to a VTOL. She saw a child with long, blonde hair look at her with an insane, smiling look, and dragged his thumb across his throat. Kallen managed to reach the Nobunaga and got it into the air.

Kallen: Gotta get him back! Alistair's gonna kill me, when he finds out about the arm!
Kane Truman: Going somewhere?

The Nobunaga turned to Kane's voice, emanating from the Barbatos, and Kallen saw a battleship speeding towards the island.

Oda Nanbu: It's not over yet, Kozuki! Give me back my birthright!
Kane: You won't succeed in this battle.

The Nobunaga charged towards the Barbatos, its sword in its right hand, and cut apart the Barbatos, with precision and speed.

Kane: (strained) It...can't...end...
Kallen: It just did, you bastard.
Kane: (growls, enraged) KALLEN...KOZUKIIIII! (Barbatos explodes)
Nanbu: How dare you! I'll end you, myself!
Kallen: You're next!

The Nobunaga drew its VARIS shotgun, with its left hand, changed it into its anti-materiel shot mode, and fired the rounds into the battleship.

Nanbu: My...empire...! My...legacy...! The world...was in my hands! (battleship explodes)

The Nobunaga looked for the VTOL, but it had left, during the fight.

Kallen: Dammit... Wait, did I just curb stomp those guys, at their best?

2018 a.t.b., Babel Tower. Kallen finished explaining what happened at Kamine after Lelouch was taken.

Alistair: I'm not gonna lie. That was awesome.
Lelouch: You stole the Nobunaga, from Nanbu. After beating the shit out of him. You had it for a good 10 minutes, and you wrecked both leaders of the factions that we were fighting, at the time. I think you just cememented yourself as a badass.
Kallen: You...think so?
Alistair: We know so.
Lelouch: So...(pulls out platinum poker chip) What's the deal with this thing?
Alistair: Thanks for reminding me. (takes chip) There's tech in here that can read this chip, specifically.

Alistair put the platinum chip into a slot, and the screens changed to rooms that weren't part of the schematics Lelouch was given, filled with money presses.

Lelouch: What the hell?
Alistair: This is the operation that was being run, here. The mafia was creating forged money, to make themselves rich.
Lelouch: Unlimited forged money.
Alistair: We've already got the real money, from the casino vaults and safes. The Black Knights are rich.
Lelouch: So, when this thing falls...
Alistair: The presses go with it.
Lelouch: I picked a good time to come here. By the way, where's Rolo?
Alistair: Rolo?
Lelouch: The guy I was with?
Alistair: I dunno. He bailed. (removes chip, hands it to Lelouch) You can sell that.
Lelouch: Thanks. Oh. Looks like chop 'stache has arrived.
Alistair: Oh, hell yes.

Outside Babel Tower, Calares' G-1 base stopped in front of the skyscraper, Calares sitting in his chair.

Calares: I've had it with these terrorists, trying to take back this country. It was ours, to begin with! No more! Kill them all!

Back at the control room, Lelouch shut off the monitors and approached his Sutherland.

Lelouch: We're going to win this, no matter what. You two with me?
Alistair: Damn right.
Kallen: So... Alistair, I've been meaning to tell you...

Kallen and Alistair left the room, through the door.

Alistair: What?! What happened?!

Meanwhile, at an elevator on a different level, two Burais watched the doors as they opened, revealing a goldenrod Knightmare that looked similar to the Lancelot.

Black Knight A: Oh, what the hell is that?
Black Knight B: Looks like the Lancelot. I don't think we can fight it. We better- Where'd it go?!

The two Black Knights heard the sound of a Knightmare being destroyed behind them, and saw the goldenrod Knightmare remove its hand from the cockpit of a Sutherland. The goldenrod Knightmare looked to the Burais, gave a thumbs up, and disappeared.

Black Knight A: (confused)
Black Knight B: I... I don't even know. It's not even physically there, anymore. I don't think it can go invisible.
Black Knight A: What, it can teleport?!
Black Knight B: Or, go really, really fast.

Britannian palace, communications room. Charles sat down in a chair, in front of a large monitor, and pressed a button on the chair.

Charles: Hawking. Come in, Hawking. Samuel Hawking, are you there? Pick up.

The screen showed the Oval Office of the White House, the chair behind the desk facing the opposite direction.

Charles: Finally. It's been too long, Hawking. It's been years, since our last conversation.

The person in the chair turned it around and revealed himself to be the current president of the United States.

Seth Kimball: Well, now. Never expected you to try and show your face, here, again.
Charles: Who the hell are you?
Seth: The name's Seth Kimball. I'm the president of the United States of America.
Charles: Where is Samuel Hawking? I demand to speak to him.
Seth: Get a medium. Hawking's been dead for 2 years. Maybe 3.
Charles: What?!
Seth: I helped kill him. America is no longer dystopian. Hawking's dead, and you're next, Emperor of Ego. Alistair's gunning for you.
Charles: You killed my ally!
Seth: That's the point. You hold no authority, Lannister. You killed Cheryl and Phoenix Wake. Now, Alistair Wake will be your end. You took his parents, and you'll die for it, just like how you'll die for killing so many people.
Charles: You dare to declare war with me?
Seth: This isn't a war. This is a fight. A street brawl. One that you started, all those years ago. Heard that you're trying to take back Japan. Well, that ain't gonna happen. Not as long as I'm around. You're gonna get what's coming to you, one way or another. Are you afraid?
Charles: No. I am not.
Seth: You should be. It'll be my personal pleasure to kick your ass. Bye. (turns off monitor)
Charles: Hawking is dead... Alistair Wake...? That's the name of the leader of the Tokyo Mavericks... This is getting out of hand. Very well... This calls for mind breaking.
Turn 2: Return of Hope
Part 2: A Hero's Return

Alistair Wake reveals himself to Lelouch, much to his surprise.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
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