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Babel Tower, 1:10 p.m. Lelouch's Sutherland, Urabe's Gekka, the Guren and the S-850 moved through a long corridor, trying to reach an exit point.

Lelouch: Calares' base should be positioned right where we want it.
Alistair: Let's bust his ass, then. His moustache annoys me.
Urabe: We still need to be careful. That Lancelot lookalike is still out there, and the pilot's behavior is unpredictable, whoever it is.
Kallen: Fair point. Sutherlands, up ahead!
Urabe: I got 'em!

Urabe's Gekka moved ahead of the group and engaged the Sutherlands. The Sutherlands managed to dodge the Gekka's attacks, with ease.

Urabe: What?! How?!
Alistair: Hang on!

The S-850 drew its chainsaw katana and joined the fight, aiding Urabe's Gekka. The S-850 knocked some of the Sutherlands towards Urabe's Gekka, so it could split them apart, the final one completely cut to shreds by the S-850.

Urabe: What the hell? No Britannian pilot can dodge, like that.
Alistair: Not even a drop of blood, or a corpse. I'm thinking that Britannia made a secret trip to America.
Lelouch: What does that entail?
Alistair: The ruins of Fort Helios. They might have gotten their hands on Civility tech. These Sutherlands are unmanned.
Kallen: Unmanned? Wait, like AIs?!
Alistair: Guess none of you can read binary?
Lelouch: I can, a little bit. Nope, can't read that.
Alistair: All I can read is "Main Priority: Kill Alistair Wake."
Urabe: Why do these AIs speak in binary? Can't they talk?
Alistair: Clones of clones. That's just begging for defects. Considering that Alpha was supposed to be just like AM, it's a given that a majority of the clones would act as such, specifically towards me.
Urabe: Uh... Who's AM?
Lelouch: AM is the granddaddy of evil AIs. Before there was Skynet, before there was the HAL 9000, there was only him. AM is pretty much the embodiment of the phrase "I have no mouth, and I must scream," since the story has the same name.
Urabe: Let me guess, Hawking's suggestion?
Alistair: Oh, yeah. For now, let's get outta here.
Lelouch: C.C. You almost done?
C.C.: (over radio) It's a slow process. This Knightmare wasn't meant for this type of work.
Lelouch: Ah, c'mon! That son of a bitch could leave any second- What?

The Knightmares arrived at an open area, and saw numerous Sutherland remains, spread across the floor.

Kallen: What the hell did this?
Alistair: My guess? That guy, on the ceiling.

As the S-850 pointed toward the ceiling, the goldenrod Knightmare dropped down, landing away from the group and looking up at them.

Kallen: You think it's after us?
Urabe: I don't have any idea. Let's just suppose this guy wants to fight us. You think we can take 'em?
Lelouch: I can't. Not as it stands.
Kallen: Why the hell not? Are you not confident that we can win?
Lelouch: I'm confident that the rest of you can win, since C.C. has my Burai.
Alistair: Yeah, that Sutherland doesn't have your axe.
Urabe: I'm honestly surprised that... Can I have a name for this?
Alistair: Goldenrod.
Urabe: Thank you. I'm surprised that Goldenrod, over there, has let us talk, this whole time.
Lelouch: It's a free action.
Alistair: I don't mean to make this more creepy, but it's staring at me.
Kallen: That's...unorthodox, to say the least.
Alistair: It's been staring right at me, this whole time.

Two Sutherlands charged at the goldenrod Knightmare, and it teleported right in front of the S-850, holding two sword-like weapons as the Sutherlands exploded. The goldenrod Knightmare put the weapons together, turning them into an MVS-type double weapon.

Alistair: I think he's gunning for me.
Urabe: Get away from him!

Urabe's Gekka fought against the goldenrod Knightmare, which kept dodging and blocking its attacks.

Urabe: Dammit! Why am I so rusty?! It's only...been...months! Shit...I can't keep this up...

The goldenrod Knightmare threw its double weapon at Urabe's Gekka, and the Gekka managed to parry it, launching it towards the S-850. As the double weapon landed on the ground, the S-850 picked it up, wielding it with proficiency and spinning with its fingers, posing in front of the goldenrod Knightmare.

Lelouch: Let me guess, you learned that, out of boredom?
Alistair: You never know when you're gonna wield one of these.
Lelouch: You wield that like...what's that character's name?
Alistair: Darth Maul?
Lelouch: That's it, thanks.
Alistair: Well, it's somewhat the same concept, except there's more range for the hands. And, perfect timing.

Lelouch's Sutherland looked around and saw a squad of Sutherlands surrounding the area.

Lelouch: These guys don't know when to quit!
Alistair: Gonna try to settle this with one move. Hopefully, I did the math right.

The S-850 spun the double weapon around, then threw it, causing the weapon to spin and cut through the surrounding Sutherlands, until they were destroyed. The goldenrod Knightmare retrieved its weapon, catching it with one hand.

Alistair: Ooh. The gall, on this guy.
Urabe: Look out!

Urabe's Gekka pushed the S-850 out of the way and blocked the goldenrod Knightmare's attack.

Lelouch: Urabe!
Urabe: Zero... I'm glad that you're a high school student... You can shame Britannia, as you are. I know why you say we're not expendable. We're not fighting for just Japan, anymore. We're fighting for the world. Zero, I want you to promise me that you'll kill the Emperor of Ego...for killing Alistair's parents, and his I drag this douche to hell, with me!
Alistair: Oh, no, you don't!

The S-850 dropkicked the goldenrod Knightmare away from Urabe's Gekka.

Lelouch: What the-?! How'd you get over there?! I was right next to you! (thinking) Wait...maybe, it's not teleportation... If so... Oh, shit.
Alistair: Time for you to bite the curb, goldy!

The S-850 sprinted towards the goldenrod Knightmare, and Speared it, through the wall.

Urabe: Wow. I was actually about to kill myself, there.
Lelouch: Don't make that habit.
Urabe: Done.
C.C.: We're all set.
Lelouch: Get into position, people!
Kallen: What about Alistair!?
Lelouch: You forget who you're talking about.

Outside Babel Tower, the S-850 and goldenrod Knightmare began falling towards the ground, the S-850 hitting its opponent with a Lou Thez Press. The S-850 landed a strong final punch, pushed itself off of the goldenrod Knightmare, and hit it with a double foot stomp, launching it faster towards the ground. The S-850 fired its Slash Harkens towards the roof of a building, and landed on top of it, noticing the G-1 base.

Alistair: Hey, chop 'stache! Get thunderstruck!

Back inside Babel Tower, the Black Knights' Knightmares stood in wait, for Lelouch's signal.

Lelouch: Wish I had AC/DC playing, for this. (pushes button on detonator)

The entire skyscraper began exploding, as half of it started falling towards Calares' G-1 base.

Calares: What?! No! This can't be happening! I just got this position! I just got here!

The falling half of Babel Tower fell onto the Britannian forces, taking Calares with it.

Alistair: And, another one bites the dust. (S-850 jumps off of building and disappears)

Throughout the streets of Tokyo, civilians took notice of the destroyed skyscraper.

Japanese Civilian A: Huh. They finally started to get rid of that.
Britannian Civilian A: Yeah. That thing was an eyesore.
Japanese Civilian B: So, who destroyed it?
Britannian Civilian B: I can't even begin to guess.

Immediately, a large screen on a building showed Zero, at the Chinese embassy.

Zero: Guess who's back, Japan!
Japanese Civilian A: Oh, hell yeah!

Meanwhile, at the lounge reserved for the Knights of the Round, all of the Knights saw the broadcast turn on, including Suzaku.

Zero: (over TV) As you know, the threat of the Renegades and Primebloods is no more! Now, all that's left is Britannia's grip on the world! Now, alongside Alistair Wake, I will fight against Britannia's full might, and free the world!
Suzaku: (eyes widen with rage, grits teeth and growls)

Back at Tokyo, Zero's broadcast continued.

Zero: You all know why we fight, for this cause! This world's freedom won't be taken, any longer! We fight to bring back the good old days! To put an end to discrimination and war! Rest easy, Japan! Your fears are over!

The streets of Tokyo were filled with deafening cheers and chants, even at Ashford Academy.

Meanwhile, at the Knights of the Round's lounge, all of the Knights of the Round, except for one, were groaning in pain, on the floor. Suzaku walked through the corridor, angrily, trembling with scorn.

Suzaku: Unbelievable... How...? How is he still alive?! He should be dead! They should all be dead! Wake...! Wake...! Why is Wake alive!? (screams in rage)

Back at Tokyo, Xingke stood in front of the Chinese embassy, guarding the entrance. Suddenly, the goldenrod Knightmare stopped in front of the entrance, albeit slightly damaged.

Xingke: Excuse me! This is private property! Unless you're friends with Zero, I suggest you buzz off!

The goldenrod Knightmare's cockpit opened, and the pilot jumped to the ground.

Rolo: Yeah, well, you can never be too careful. I just wanted to make sure of something. (walks towards Xingke)
Xingke: And that is...?
Rolo: (stops in front of Xingke) You're gonna make sure nothing bad happens to Zero. Right? (Geass activates)
Turn 2: Return of Hope
Part 3: The Hero Named Zero

The destruction of Babel Tower is near, as well as Zero's proper return.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
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