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Tokyo, Chinese embassy, 1:32 p.m. Rolo was staring Xingke, in the eyes, the Geass symbol on his right eye glowing.

Xingke: That's pretty much a given, buddy. Zero likes helping people, so I'm helping him.
Rolo: (Geass deactivates) Good. Glad we're on the same page.
Xingke: Also, you're fronting me. Could you, maybe, back up, a bit?
Rolo: Oh. (backs up) Sorry.
Xingke: Yeah, way to freak me out with...that cool Knightmare and your glowing eye...thing.
Rolo: (cell phone rings) Hang on. I gotta take this. (opens cell phone) Yeah?
Lelouch: (over phone) Rolo? Are you alright?
Rolo: (thinking) The shit?! (out loud) Yeah. I'm good. I managed to get out, without trouble. What about you?
Lelouch: I'm back at Ashford. Where else?
Rolo: Well...after all that... (sighs) Forget it. I'll find a way back. See ya. (closes phone)
Xingke: You good, now?
Rolo: Yeah, that was my brother. We were in that eyesore of a building when the shit hit the fan. We got separated, and now I know he's safe.
Xingke: Good for you, pal. You gonna park that thing, somewhere?
Rolo: Somewhere secret, yeah. (walks towards Knightmare, thinking) How the hell did he get there, so quick? And, who's in the embassy?

7 hours later, Kallen watched the news, in the office lent to Zero, inside the Chinese embassy. The news stated that people rejoiced at the destruction of Babel Tower, as Kallen heard the door open.

Kallen: Well, that went easier than I thought. Not a single unplanned loss of life.
C.C.: I thought it would be harder, too.

Kallen turned around and saw Zero, who took off the iconic mask, revealing C.C. to be in the outfit.

Kallen: How-?! Where's-?!
C.C.: Ashford, I'd imagine.
Kallen: That's literally the second place they'd look.
C.C.: True. But, I've got the outfit.
Kallen: (looks C.C. up and down) Do you...need a copy of that outfit? 'Cause, I can ask...
C.C.: What, so I can wear this, on a whim?
Kallen: ...Yeah.
C.C.: Now that I think about it...this does suit me. It's a nice change of clothes. (pauses) We've bonded a lot, these last couple of months.
Kallen: Right?

The next morning, Rolo exited an elevator, underneath Ashford Academy, and entered the O.S.I. office, reformed into a Tokyo Mavericks hideout.

Maverick A: How'd he get back, so quick?
Maverick B: Don't know. He's crafty, I'll give him that much.
Maverick A: (leans back in chair) Can't matter, anyway. As long as that eyesore's gone, everything will be okay.
Villetta: This is gonna raise suspicion, though. Zero's comeback ought to have reached the Emperor of Ego's ears, and he'll be planning something. Rolo, how was the Vincent?
Rolo: (sits on sofa) About as cool as you'd expect. Was... Was the S-850 stolen, by any chance?
Villetta: No, we don't have the S-850. Why?
Rolo: I could've sworn I saw it, in Babel Tower. So...I engaged it.
Villetta: Thought I saw it, giving you a Lou Thesz Press.
Rolo: The pilot fought just like Alistair Wake. An impersonator, maybe?
Villetta: In any case, Japan won't have any problems, for the time being. I don't know what's next, but be ready.

Meanwhile, at Europe, Britannian forces were fighting the E.U.'s forces, on a cliff overlooked by a town.

E.U. Commander: How petty. To think that Britannia would take us, so easily. We're nothing like America. We were prepared, and we won't let a tragedy like that happen, again!
E.U. Soldier: Unknown craft, approaching from above!

The Lancelot landed in the middle of the E.U.'s Knightmares, the Panzer-Hummels looking at the white Knightmare.

Suzaku: Surrender, now. If you don't wish to die, then step aside.
E.U. Commander: Cocky bastard! Get him! We'll need to evacuate everybody-!

Before the commander could reach the exit, a soldier holding a Luger pistol aimed the gun at him.

E.U. Soldier: (grins evilly) Sieg Heil. (shoots pistol)

The Lancelot destroyed the E.U.'s forces, with relative ease, Suzaku receiving a signal from the E.U. control room. The screen showed a soldier with a bloody uniform, in a room filled with corpses.

E.U. Soldier: Guten tag, Herr Kururugi.
Suzaku: What do you want? I'm busy.
E.U. Soldier: Come, now. I'm your ally, in this endeavor.
Suzaku: How so?
E.U. Soldier: I'm a representative of the Last Battalion.
Suzaku: Ah. The remnants of the Nazi regime. I didn't think you'd be in action, this quickly.
Last Battalion Soldier: We work very quickly. And, soon, we shall control this continent. The support we've been provided is worthwhile. Give thanks to your leader friend.
Suzaku: I shall.

Meanwhile, on a Britannian battleship, a commander received word of the entire E.U. being overtaken, as a man in a suit walked into the operations room.

Britannian Commander: It looks like the operation was a complete success. You have some intriguing tactics, President Sears.
Marsh Sears: (adjusts glasses) Indeed. This world is a disorderly mess. In order for there to be a perfect world, freedom must be snuffed out.
Britannian Commander: I couldn't agree more.
Sears: The Last Battalion will make its mark, and so will the Enclave. We will have our revenge on Alistair Wake, no matter the cost.

Back at Ashford Academy, Lelouch was sitting in the student council room, alone, looking through pictures on his laptop.

Lelouch: (thinking) This is risky. Very, very risky. The O.S.I. have their eye on me. They know who I am. Word of Zero's return had to have reached him, by now. That bastard...he'd use his own kids as tools. I still don't know who kidnapped Nunnally! Keep calm, dammit. Focus... What the hell, though? Nina isn't in any of these pictures. Where'd she go? And, Suzaku...

Immediately, Arthur jumped onto the table and meowed at Lelouch, walking to the other side.

Lelouch: Arthur's still here? Suzaku didn't take him. Weird. What's also weird is the disappearance of the Mavericks. Where are they?
Rolo: (enters room) Hey, Lelouch. Are you looking through the album?
Lelouch: (out loud) Uh... Yeah.
Rolo: (sits in chair) So... You wanna talk about yesterday?
Lelouch: I... I guess.
Rolo: Hey, I'm just looking out for you. You were in there longer than I was.
Lelouch: Right. Right...
Rolo: At least we're safe, and that eyesore of a skyscraper is gone, forever.
Lelouch: The... The Black Knights are...actually pretty cool.
Rolo: Right? Vigilantism is an art, much like how deviance is a beauty.
Lelouch: I, uh...caught a glimpse at a strange Knightmare. Looked brand-new.
Rolo: I wouldn't know what to say. Sorry for bugging you. (gets up) I'll be off. (walks towards door)
Lelouch: (thinking) Dammit, instinct! (out loud) Heard anything about Nunnally? (thinking) SHIT!
Rolo: (immediately stops, eyes widen, thinking) Shit! I didn't think he'd ask about her! Dammit! I don't know what to think! He...! Wing it! A thought for another time! (out loud) Uh... She's still at the hospital.
Lelouch: (quietly gasps)
Rolo: She's...getting better. I don't know when we'll see her, again, though. See ya. (exits room)
Lelouch: He...knows? Does everyone know about Nunnally? I could've sworn...

Outside the student council room, Rolo put his back against a wall, panting and sweating.

Rolo: He got his memory back. He remembers his real family. He'll just throw me away, when she comes back. (deep breath) Guess I'll just see how it goes. (pauses) Why is my mental status so poor?
Turn 3: Revival of Evil
Part 1: Unresolved Questions

Rolo reveals himself to be the pilot of the mysterious goldenrod Knightmare, as Britannia's plans outside of Japan continue developing.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
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