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Underground tunnel, beneath Ashford Academy, 11:40 a.m. Rolo was talking with Villetta about his recent conversation with Lelouch.

Villetta: His memories are back? You're sure?
Rolo: Yeah. I'm sure. He might have used his Geass, but I don't care.

Rolo heard footsteps, behind him, and saw a former O.S.I. agent.

Former O.S.I. Agent: Oh! Sorry!
Villetta: Rolo! Don't you dare-!

Rolo activated his Geass, freezing Villetta and the agent in place. Rolo approached the agent, pulling out his knife and deactivating his Geass.

Villetta: He's with us!

Rolo used his knife to pull out a wire that was hidden across the inside of the agent's jacket.

Rolo: I was never a fan of wire taps. (cuts wire, wire tap falls out of agent's jacket) Old habits die hard, huh? Now, get going.
Villetta: I thought...he was gonna kill him. (sighs)

Meanwhile, at the Chinese embassy, C.C. was talking with Gao Hai and Xingke.

Gao Hai: So, the current Britannian threat had been dealt with?
C.C.: Yeah. Backup might be on its way, so be wary.
Xingke: Quick question. Do you know anything about sign language? I've been meaning to practice it, and I'm trying to perfect it.
C.C.: Intriguing curiosity. I don't know a thing about it.
Xingke: Man...

Kallen walked out of the bathroom and sat next to C.C., on the sofa.

Kallen: Ah... That was a good shower.
Xingke: You must be Kallen Kozuki. The pilot of the Guren Mk. II.
Kallen: Yeah. Why do you ask?
Xingke: I was curious about Alistair Wake's girlfriend.
Kallen: How do you-?
Xingke: Your friends really need to lay off of Twitter.
Kallen: Speaking of which, I need to call him. I'm really glad there's a phone on this table. (dials number)
Xingke: This is on speaker, right?
Kallen: Yep.
Alistair: (over phone) Yeah?
Kallen: Hey, Alistair?
Alistair: Oh, hey, Kallen! Couldn't see the caller ID, it's so dark in here.
Kallen: Just checking up on you, buddy.
Gao Hai: "Buddy" is your affectionate nickname, for him?
Alistair: The hell's Paul Bearer doing there? Either he rose from his grave, or it's some impersonator.
Gao Hai: How dare you mock my voice! I'll have you know that I sound nothing like this "Paul Bearer"-!
Alistair: (impersonating Paul Bearer) Oh, yeeeees!
Gao Hai: Oh, my. That's...exactly how I sound. I'm...going to try and fix my...voice issues. (leaves room)
Xingke: Huh. I actually never pieced that together, before. They all sound like Paul Bearer. Except the gruff one.
Alistair: Who's that?
Xingke: Li Xingke. I'm from China. I've always wanted to meet you. But, you're elsewhere, so I can wait. Where are you, anyway?
Alistair: I'm afraid that's a secret, Xingke.
Kallen: He's...paranoid. Hell, he's always been paranoid.
Alistair: Oh, yeah. Who were those guys chasing Zero? The ones that have been watching his every move?
C.C.: The Office of Secret Intelligence, or O.S.I.
Alistair: Who the hell are the O.S.I.?
Xingke: Think of them like Britannia's variant of the CIA.
Alistair: Britannia has a CIA?! Are you freaking kidding me?!
Kallen: I wish we were. Sorry to bug you.
Alistair: Now, I can just continue sitting here. In the dark. (hangs up)
Xingke: Do any of you know where he is?
Kallen: Nope. He's a sneaky bastard.

Meanwhile, at the Britannian palace, Sears walked into the throne room, Charles sitting on the throne.

Charles: A pleasure to make your acquaintance, President Sears. I'm rather upset at the loss of Hawking.
Sears: It wasn't a complete loss, Charles. The Enclave is ready for a comeback.
Charles: Good. And, this Last Battalion faction?
Sears: A means to an end. If they die, they die. Nothing more, nothing less. (grunts) No...!!

Sears clutched his head, and fell to his knees, in pain. Sears's hands suddenly dropped, and he opened his eyes, revealing Geass symbols in both of his eyes, as he grinned evilly.

Sears: (chuckles) Oh, so that's how this deal works, huh? (gets up) Hey, I like what you've done with the place. Could use a little light, though.
Charles: Excuse me?
Sears: I said, it's kinda dark, in here! What are you, an edgy teenager? It's just like those cynical little dipshits to make it hard to see!
Charles: What's with those...mannerisms?
Sears: Eh, you'll figure it out, eventually. So, what's been on your mind, these days?
Charles: I had reunited with my foolish son, Lelouch.
Sears: Oh, yeah! Lelouch! What a white sheep. He's still around, huh? Well, whatever. So, you need my help with somethin'?
Charles: Yes. Area 11 was taken from us, and we want to take it back.
Sears: Oh, that must be Japan. It was so close to being destroyed, but some Chaotic Good bitch got in the way. I can help you out. In fact, I'm sending some guys over, right now.
Charles: Just like that? No money, no power?
Sears: I acquired all that, on my own.
Charles: I see. So, why is it that you desire to help me?
Sears: (chuckles) You don't know a thing about being evil, do ya? Want me to give you a lesson?
Charles: ...Very well.
Sears: Tell me, Charles, what is your ideology? How do you view the world?
Charles: As a place where the strong rule over the weak. The strongest individuals have always shaped the world, as well as history.
Sears: Yes, yes. However, you are the lawful variant of the Social Darwinist, only slightly different from the chaotic counterpart.
Charles: There are different variants?
Sears: The concept of Social Darwinism, the belief of there being "strong" and "weak", is pretty much universal. You see, there are people who desire change and people who desire to uphold the status quo. In the latter case, the only plausible solution is to change what the status quo even is. That's you. You're becoming the superman.
Charles: Correct. You're rather knowledgeable about these things.
Sears: I went to college. (takes off glasses) The way I'm understanding it, you want to take over the world, so you can stop the suffering of your own people, leaving everyone else in the dust. That's admirable. Might makes right, indeed.
Charles: I have...bigger plans.
Sears: Also admirable. Just make sure it doesn't end up creating a world of silence. Otherwise...(crushes glasses)...I ain't gonna have any respect for ya.

Back at Ashford Academy, Lelouch hid behind the clubhouse and dialed a number into his cell phone.

Lelouch: I've gotta know. I've gotta know.
Alistair: (over phone) Hello?
Lelouch: Alistair, I need to talk to you.
Alistair: Dude! Don't call me! They could find us, easily, like this!
Lelouch: Look, I'm being as paranoid as you, right now. Where are you?
Alistair: I'm underground. What do you think?
Lelouch: It makes sense, at least you have a comforting view of the city-
Alistair: No, as in, I'm literally underground. It's dark, down here, and it's incredibly difficult working on Gawain 2.0.
Lelouch: Wait, what?
Alistair: Look, I don't know what to call the damn thing.
Lelouch: You-? You have the Gawain?
Alistair: It took a big hit, when Kamine blew, and so did Jeremiah. I don't know where he is, though.
Lelouch: Yeah, that reminds me... What happened to Kamine?
Alistair: Oh, it's simple to find out. Just head over to its coordinates, and head about 20,000 leagues down.
Lelouch: (pauses) The explosions sank the island?!
Alistair: Yeah. That was new Civility tech. First, they had plasma cannons that could cut through the Earth's crust, now they've got explosives of that nature. If there's nothing else-
Lelouch: I've found the hideout of the guys that are watching me.
Alistair: What?
Lelouch: They're at Ashford. I think they're past where Mao kidnapped Nunnally.
Alistair: Right. I'll check it out. Beats being down here. (hangs up)
Lelouch: Phew. (closes phone) This paranoia's gonna kill me.

10 minutes later, Alistair's left fist connects with a manhole cover, sending it flying into the air, and landing on the road. Alistair pulled himself out of the manhole, in his custom Ashford uniform, fixing his hat.

Alistair: There. Time to rid ourselves of some paranoia. Hm?

Alistair noticed Rolo quietly running towards one of the buildings.

Alistair: The hell's he going?

Alistair followed Rolo to the elevator that Suzaku and Lelouch took to rescue Nunnally, and saw him enter the elevator.

Alistair: Huh. This oughta be interesting.
Turn 3: Revival of Evil
Part 2: Continuous Plots

The Confederate Enclave plots its comeback, with Sears as its president.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
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