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Ashford Academy, student council room, 9:00 a.m. Alistair finished explaining what had happened, the previous day, as well as Britannia's developments in an alliance.

Lelouch: You mean to tell me...?
Alistair: Crap is hitting the fan, yes. With the Black Knights captured and the Mavericks missing, we're powerless, out here. We don't even know where Zero's pals are even held at.
Rivalz: So, we're all just sitting ducks?
Shirley: This is bad...
Alistair: I've got nothing. Really, nothing. (sighs) Someone's calling me.
Milly: You have your phone on vibrate?
Alistair: Yeah.
Lelouch: Put it on speaker.
Alistair: Fine.

Alistair pulled out his cell phone, opened it, and set it on the table.

Alistair: Hello. You've reached the Ashford Academy student council. What do you want?
James Sampson: (over phone) Oh, the whole council? This is a surprise. I was just looking for you.
Alistair: James?!
James: Yeah. I, uh, heard about what's going on, with Britannia's new alliance. I think you're old enemies are making a comeback.
Alistair: But, you're here?! In Tokyo?!
James: Can't exactly leave, since I'm the new commissioner.
Alistair: You're the boss of the cops?! How?!
James: Well...

2017 a.t.b., Tokyo police headquarters roof. James was surrounded by SWAT officers, led by Norris, an Enclave general that posed as the police commissioner.

Enclave General Alexander Norris: May you never be remembered, idealist scum.
James: Don't count on it.

James pulled out a second pistol and shot at the SWAT officers, killing some of them, before running out of bullets. James ran to one of the officers, as the ones with pistols shot at him, barely missing him and tearing his sleeve. James took the officer's SMG, bashed him on the head with the stock, and fired at the other officers, while running, taking out 6 of them and wounding 4 others. One of the SWAT officers charged at James with a knife, and James parried the attack with the hollow stock of the SMG, disarming the officer and shooting the last bullet into his throat.

Alistair: (narrating) Where the hell did you learn that?!
James: (narrating) Well, I was just winging it.
Lelouch: (narrating) What, do you do your own stunts, too!?
James: Yes, actually. Now, next...

James picked the knife up and stabbed a SWAT officer, taking their knife off of their vest and removing the knife from the vest. The rest of the SWAT officers dropped their guns and drew their knives, charging at James. The fighting lasted for 4 minutes, James receiving cuts and stab wounds on his arms. James stared down Norris, eyes filled with anger and his face covered in blood.

General Norris: How?! How are you still alive?! Those were elite police officers, the best of the best!
James: Well...I was amongst their ranks.
General Norris: Bastard!

Before Norris could aim his one-handed shotgun, James threw one of his knives into Norris' shoulder and took the shotgun from his hand, aiming it straight at his face.

General Norris: M-Mercy?
James: I spare who I please. You're not on the list.

James fired the shotgun at Norris' face, and the corpse fell off of the roof to the alley below.

James: (sighs) I wonder if this makes me commissioner, now.

2018 a.t.b., Ashford Academy, student council room. James finished explaining how he got his job at the police back.

Alistair: Thanks for the story, Rambo. Got anything else?
James: (over phone) Nah, not really. Not much paperwork, but I got a bigger pay.
Lelouch: Lucky you.
James: Ooh! Gotta go! I get to choose the next Knighpolice upgrade! (hangs up)
Alistair: Well...
Lelouch: Hey, Alistair, you wanna come with me, somewhere?
Alistair: Nah... I'm good.
Shirley: I'll go with you!
Lelouch: Thanks. To the mall!

Lelouch ran out the door, and Shirley followed behind him.

Alistair: There's a mall, now?
Milly: Hmm... Seems kinda fishy... Let's follow them!
Alistair: I'm not curious. Nor am I going anywhere out there, and endangering a lot of people.
Milly: Well, we're going to find out what they're doing! Bye!

Milly and Rivalz exited the room, and Alistair put his feet on the table, and checked his cell phone.

Alistair: Who needs a smartphone? Friggin' touchscreens.

17 minutes later, Omotesando mall. Lelouch and Shirley walked through the crowd and entered the shopping complex.

Shirley: So, what are we doing?
Lelouch: Villetta's birthday's coming up, and I'm hoping to get her a gift.
Shirley: Oh! Really!? That's, uh...thoughtful of you.
Lelouch: So, what have you got?
Shirley: Apparently, she's really big into wine.
Lelouch: The soothing kind?
Shirley: There's a soothing kind? Oh, like, calming nerves. I get you. Right over there.

As Lelouch and Shirley entered the liquor store, Milly, Rivalz and Rolo hid behind a hedge, watching the two.

Rolo: You dragged me along, for this? He's just looking for a gift.
Milly: Yeah, but it looks kinda like a date, doesn't it?
Rolo: What's your point? If they're a couple, they're a couple. It's how friendship usually works and evolves.
Milly: Look, I like playing pranks and snooping in other people's business, alright?

Inside the liquor store, Lelouch looked through the wine bottles on the rack.

Lelouch: How in the hell can you tell the difference between these? I sure as hell don't know about these damn brands. We'll just have to wing it. (thinking) They brought Rolo. Way to feed my curiosity, Milly. I've been meaning to find out. Now, how to distract...?
Shirley: I think that one should do.
Lelouch: (out loud) Wait... How much do these cost, again?

2 minutes later, Lelouch and Shirley enter a cell phone store, looking through the various phones.

Lelouch: There are no normal phones, only smartphones. Perfecting touchscreens is not an ideal thing. So many faults.
Shirley: Wow, you sound like Alistair.
Lelouch: You learn a lot, from a guy like him. Oh, wait. He's the only one of his generation.

Meanwhile, at the Mavericks control room, under Ashford Academy, Villetta looked at the screen, showing a map of the mall.

Villetta: You know, he's actually pretty lucky. I like that brand. Goes well with trying to relax, if you don't chug the whole thing. (cell phone rings, opens phone) Hello? (eyes widen)

Back at Omotesando, Shirley was listening to music on a pair of headphones on display at the phone store, when she saw a couple sitting on a bench, about to kiss, when Lelouch touched her shoulder.

Shirley: Whoa! (takes off headphones) You scared me!
Lelouch: Sorry. What were you looking at?
Shirley: Uh... That...couple, over there.
Lelouch: Oh, really? Uh- Oh...
Shirley: I'm, uh...really sorry about that. I devastated, and...
Lelouch: It's alright. It, uh...motivated me.
Shirley: So... Can we...really...?
Lelouch: It's your call.
Shirley: Alright. Thanks.
Lelouch: I, uh, noticed that Milly's following us.
Shirley: Wanna sneak off?
Lelouch: Yeah.
Shirley: I've got an idea.

Lelouch and Shirley walk into a clothing store, and Lelouch opened the curtain of one of the dressing rooms, Shirley handing him some clothes and closing the curtain.

Lelouch: (thinking) Alright... Hopefully this will work. Hm. Nice pick. Need precision on the escape route... Got it.
Shirley: Hey... Do you think the alarms have been tested? I'll go ask. (walks to employee) Excuse me, I'm curious, since this is a new mall, and all. Did you test the alarms, by any chance?
Employee: (chuckles) Of course, we did. (looks at watch) Looks like it's time to order my lunch.

The employee walked out of the store, heading towards the employee lounge.

Employee: (chuckles) "Did we test the alarms"? Eh, better make sure. (pulls out walkie-talkie) Hey, did we ever test out the alarms, in this place?
Manager: (over walkie-talkie) Heh. Of co- Oh, shit. No, we didn't. You gotta test it, now.
Employee: Are you serious? You know I'm trying to combat my OCD!
Manager: Since this is a test, you can just shout it.
Employee: Of course, it's that simple.

The employee ran to the nearest alarm, and pulled his arm back, preparing to break the glass.

Employee: This is a drill! (smashes glass)

The alarm rang throughout the mall, and customers began running towards the exit. Rolo ran into the clothing store and opened the curtain of the dressing room that Lelouch was in, to find that he was gone.

Rolo: What?! Where'd he go?!

Outside the mall, Lelouch began his trek back to Ashford, in his disguise, putting on headphones.

Lelouch: There should be some songs recommended by Alistair... Oh, shit, they got a new singer? Cool.

20 minutes later, Rolo ran into the control room, underneath Ashford, to find no one inside.

Rolo: What the hell!? Where did everyone go!?
Lelouch: Hey, bro.

Rolo turned around to see Lelouch, holding a pistol and sitting in a chair.

Rolo: So, you did get your memories back.
Lelouch: Yeah. I did. Now, you're gonna tell me who you are, and what the hell your beef is.

Lelouch looked at his hand and saw that he was no longer holding a gun.

Rolo: (shows pistol) Looking for this?
Lelouch: It was you! You're the time manipulator!
Rolo: Yeah. So... Fire away.
Turn 4: Revolution's Rebirth
Part 1: Ploy For The Truth

Alistair learns of the return of the Confederate Enclave, and their rekindled alliance with Britannia, causing tensions to rise.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
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