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Ashford Academy, Tokyo Mavericks control room. Alistair clicked a key on the keyboard, looking through camera after camera.

Villetta: Come on. Take a rest.
Alistair: I can't. My friends are missing, and I can't find them.
Villetta: It wasn't your fault.
Alistair: I can't help it. Alright? I was responsible for every single person, and I let them down.
Villetta: No, you didn't. I don't know if they were captured, or not. We'll just have to wait and see. (opens cell phone) Oh, shit, someone called me. (puts phone to ear) Yeah? (pauses) Well, yeah, I'm there. (pauses) Camera 12? What about it?

Alistair switched the screen to camera 12 and saw two large prison transport vehicles, along a highway, heading towards the Chinese embassy, accompanied by familiar Knightmares.

Alistair: Those clever bastards. (smiles) They didn't want me to know! They did a rescue, all on their own! (runs out door)

At the Chinese embassy, Xingke watched in awe, at the front door, as the National Defense Divinity Knightmares escorted two prison transports and stopped in front of the embassy.

Xingke: Those are so cool.
Tenkai AI: Hello!
Xingke: Uh... Hi!
Andreas Darlton: (opens cockpit) We've come, with the Black Knights!
Xingke: Oh, you rescued them? That's cool! They can stay here- Wait... If that's your voice, then who...?
Tenkai: (waves)
Xingke: ...AI?
Darlton: Yep.
Euphemia Ashley Redgrave: (opens truck door, exits truck) Alright! Everybody out!

The trailers of the trucks opened, and all of the Black Knights ran into the embassy, passing Xingke, entirely.

Xingke: So, that's what it feels like to crowd surf. Just...the wave portion. I'll just...see if we've got enough room. (runs into embassy)
Gilbert Guilford: (opens Koga Saburo cockpit) Oh... Finally. A break. We finally got through with this.
Tamaki: (opens Michizane cockpit) Hey, I did some legwork. You were stuck in the cockpit, waiting to pounce. You don't have an excuse.
Michizane AI: Considering the stress that comes with being a giant robot pilot...
Tamaki: Well, when you put it that way...
Koga Saburo AI: Guilford, your glasses.
Guilford: Right. (cleans glasses) So, what's the total kill count?
Koga Saburo: I dunno. I lost count. I was more focused on getting everyone to safety, including you.
Michizane: Seems more like Omoikane's thing.
Chizuru Kanda: (opens Omoikane cockpit) You'd be right. 'Kane?
Omoikane AI: Counting aircrafts, tanks and Knightmares... Darlton, 154. Guilford, 175. Kanda, 208. Tamaki... 411, wow. Right, he blew up those warehouses.
Darlton: I told you!
Tenkai: Okay! You were right! Geez.
Alistair: There you are!

Alistair walked up to the NDD Knightmares, looking at his long-lost friends.

Alistair: Nice disappearing act.
Guilford: I knew this would happen.
Alistair: I thought you might have died. But, you proved me wrong. I'm glad you guys are back.
Kanda: Glad to be back. We barely had any sleep, trying to find these guys.
Darlton: They were some crafty bastards to keep up with.
Alistair: Yeah, well, you're gonna need all the rest you can get. The Enclave's back.
Darlton: ...I'm not showing mercy.
Alistair: We ain't showing mercy. Now, nap.

As the NDD Knightmares left, Euphemia noticed Alistair and ran to him.

Euphemia: Alistair! (hugs Alistair)
Alistair: (smiles) Hey, Euphy.
Euphemia: I'm so glad to be home!
Alistair: Same. Hey... Where's Cornelia?
Euphemia: (stops hugging Alistair) I don't know. She disappeared, during the attack.
Alistair: Wait, she never left with you?
Euphemia: No. I don't know where she went.
Alistair: Damn...

Meanwhile, Xingke was walking through a corridor, in the embassy, when he passed Gao Hai.

Gao Hai: They're rabble, you know.
Xingke: (stops walking, turns around) Pardon?
Gao Hai: It's how the Eunuchs view the masses. They're trash. We even seek to join Britannia.
Xingke: You Paul Bearer impersonating shit...! What about the Empress!? Huh!? What about her!?
Gao Hai: She never mattered! In this world, law means everything! And so, we shall join the greatest law, of them all!
Xingke: Get over here!

Xingke threw a rope dart dagger, straight into Gao Hai's throat, pulling it out of the corpse and catching the handle.

Xingke: (swings blood off of blade) Fatality.

Later that night, the Black Knights stood in the garden of the embassy, waiting for Zero, with their new uniforms. Tohdoh was talking with Kallen, about Babel Tower's destruction.

Kyoshiro Tohdoh: So, Urabe's still alive, huh? Lucky bastard. That takes some stress off.
Shogo Asahina: (approaches Chiba) So, are you gonna confess to him, or...?
Chiba: What are you talking about?! He's...older than me...
Asahina: Well, maybe it won't matter, to him. Plus, he's not entirely 10 years older than you. What is he, 9, 8...? Whatever. Not 10. Don't be discouraged by it. Just tell him. Okay?
Black Knight: It's Zero!

Zero walked out the front door, and stood at the top of the stairs.

Chiba: Hold on! We may have been rescued, but we were captured, when you weren't around, Zero!
Asahina: Care to explain yourself?
Tohdoh: That's right. Give us an explanation.
Zero: (takes a deep breath) As you know, we peacefully utilized Ashford Academy as a base, in order to protect it from the Renegades and Primebloods. Well, one of the students was kidnapped, a close friend of Alistair's. Nunnally Lamperouge.
Tohdoh: You left a fight...because of a girl?
Zero: Considering that she was blind, from childhood trauma, and shot in the legs, you'd be friends with an adorable girl, like her, instantly.
Tohdoh: (cracks knuckles) Who has the balls?
Zero: Unfortunately, I couldn't find the kidnapper, and got kidnapped, myself. After nearly being blown up, on Kamine. Which is now at the bottom of the ocean.
Chiba: Okay, I'm no longer pissed at you, but I'm pissed at the guy who took a girl, in a wheelchair, against her will.
Asahina: How can explosives cause an island to sink?
Zero: You can thank Civility, for that. They're back, alongside the Enclave.
Ohgi: Alright. I believe you. If this is the case, we'll need all the info we've got. We'll also need Tohdoh to calmly, and politely, tell everyone to-
Tohdoh: Get your shit in gear! Don't just stand around! The people that made Alistair's life a living hell are out and about! Be ready to kick their shit back to where they came from!
Zero: I'd say that's pretty polite.

The next morning, Ashford Academy. Suzaku walked into Lelouch's classroom, with a stoic expression on his face.

Suzaku: My name is Suzaku Kururugi. I've returned to Ashford Academy, starting today.
Lelouch: (thinking) This idiotic son of a bitch. He sold me out, for no reason. I don't know what he's plotting, now, but I can't be too careful. I slip up, once...he'll gut me. There's something missing, though... It happened at Kamine... Dammit! This stupid gap!
Suzaku: Didn't you hear me, Lelouch Lamperouge?

Lelouch looked up and saw Suzaku, standing right in front of him.

Suzaku: I will be sitting here. Did you catch that?
Lelouch: (out loud) Oh, yeah. Go ahead.
Suzaku: (sits down) What do you know of me?
Lelouch: Well, your name certainly sounds familiar. What are you, the Knight of Seven, or something?
Suzaku: Yes, actually. I've come here, on a personal mission. If you get in my way...(partially pulls out knife)...I will kill you.
Lelouch: (thinking) Okay, I was on the mark. Shit! How do I fix him!?
Suzaku: (thinking) If his memory returned, he will most likely try to fight me. Such arrogant behavior, against one who is of a higher standing.
Lelouch: Stupid bastard!
Suzaku: Repulsive human.
Turn 4: Revolution's Rebirth
Part 3: Homecoming Mavericks

As Seth and Alistair's previous allies made their appearance, in Japan, the rest make their arrival, on the horizon.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
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