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Ashford Academy, 11:20 a.m. Milly was sitting on the MR-1 designated for the pizza event, looking worried.

Milly: (sighs) Here I am, holding a school festival, honoring rebels and revolutionaries, when I don't have the guts to call off an arranged marriage. I really am pitiful.

Gino and Anya noticed the MR-1 and approached Milly.

Gino: Hey, now. What's the deal with this antique?
Milly: Oh, this is for the giant pizza event.
Gino: Wait... You're gonna use a Knightmare to make a pizza? (slowly smiles excitedly, upon realization)
Milly: Problem is, Suzaku doesn't want to pilot it. Guess it's a bust.
Gino: (raises hand) Ooh, ooh! Me! Me! Me, me, me!
Milly: What?
Gino: I wanna pilot it! I wanna make the pizza!
Milly: You'd...really do this, for me?
Gino: You bet! I've been dying to do something fun, for once, in my life! When do I start?
Milly: Well, right now would be good. Considering that it's almost noon...
Gino: Say no more! I got this! (laughs, climbs into MR-1 cockpit)
Milly: (looks at Anya) Wow, you're cute. I'm surprised you didn't get hugged, on the way here.
Anya: It would certainly be a first. That was Gino, by the way.
Milly: Gino, huh? Well, what's your name?
Anya: It's Anya. (takes picture)
Milly: Huh? What?
Anya: Memory issue. Found a flaw with it, though. Can't seem to forget about this guy with blue eyes.
Milly: (thinking) Oh, they don't know, yet. Seems word hasn't spread, too much.

Meanwhile, behind the clubhouse, C.C. and Lelouch were standing near a container filled with tomatoes, for the pizza event.

C.C.: He told you, huh?
Lelouch: Yeah. You know V.V., don't you?
C.C.: (sighs) Yeah, I do.
Lelouch: You don't like him. I can tell.
Shirley: Lelouch?
Lelouch: Oh, shit!

As Lelouch tried to find a way to hide C.C., Shirley walked up the steps, and saw Lelouch and C.C.

Shirley: Who...? Who are you?
Lelouch: Uh... She's, uh...
C.C.: C.C.
Lelouch: (slams head into railing)
Shirley: C.C.? Wait, are you the one that Mao guy was after?!
Lelouch: How do I choke myself with this thing?
C.C. I was. Now, he's dead, because of his own mind reading powers.
Shirley: So, did you give him that power, or something?
Lelouch: Where's Alistair, when you need him?  He could powerbomb me, off of here.
C.C.: Yeah. Worst decision of my life. What do you want from me?
Shirley: If you know Lelouch, personally, did you...?
C.C.: Yes.
Shirley: And, he never thought of using it on me?
C.C.: He sure as hell avoided it.
Shirley: and Lelouch...?
C.C.: I'm hundreds of years old.
Shirley: Damn, and you're still that cute? Must have been... I don't know, a therapeutic relationship?
C.C.: It certainly is that. You called dibs, first, and you've known him, longer. He's yours to keep.
Shirley: Whoa, hey, I'm not saying that I don't appreciate helping him out! I might need your help! If I can actually...
C.C.: I can certainly appreciate that. Lelouch, stop choking yourself. (pulls Lelouch to his feet) Shirley understands.
Lelouch: Well, sorry for being so frustrated! So much for this secret...
Shirley: My lips are sealed.
Lelouch: Goodbye, frustration.
Alistair: (over walkie-talkie) Lelouch!
Lelouch: (pulls out walkie-talkie) What's up?
Alistair: I've been trying to get a hold of you, for the last hour! Gino and Anya are here!
Lelouch: They must be backing up Suzaku. Or, whoever the hell that is.
Alistair: They saw my face, but didn't recognize me. Apparently, they don't know what I look like.
Lelouch: That's good.
Shirley: Whoa!

Suddenly, Shirley's head was enveloped by the mouth of a mascot costume.

Lelouch: I forget, is that supposed to be an otter, or...?
Shirley: Ah, what...? Kallen?
Kallen: Shit. Wrong person.
Shirley: Don't worry, Lelouch is fine- What the hell are you wearing, under this?!
Kallen: Well, the Chinese embassy doesn't really have much, when it comes to situations with this outfit.
Shirley: Seriously! Look, find something better, after this, alright?
Kallen: Then, let's not waste time. I'm here for the girl with the green hair.
Shirley: C.C.? Go for it. But, don't get caught by Suzaku. I don't think it's actually him.
C.C.: Well, I'll just grab my plush, and-

The scaffolding next to the tomato container shook and C.C. fell into the open container, as it closed. The MR-1 picked up the container, lifting it over its head.

Gino: Wow, this thing's pretty big!
Lelouch: What the-?! Who's in there?!
Gino: Oh, hi! I'm Gino!
Lelouch: (thinking) Knight of Three?! This is such horseshit!
Gino: Anyway, meet you at the big oven! (MR-1 heads towards center of campus)
Lelouch: (sprints after MR-1, out loud) NOOOOOOOOO!
Shirley: (pops out of mascot's mouth) Wow, it's hot in there. (looks around) Lelouch? Oh, this isn't good.
Alistair: Lelouch! Come in! What happened!?
Shirley: He dropped it? (picks up walkie-talkie) Alistair, C.C. fell into the tomato bin, and some guy named Gino is piloting the MR-1.
Alistair: Oh, crap! Gino!

Alistair spotted the MR-1 and ran towards it, managing to catch up with it and climbing up the Knightmare, onto the top of the container.

Alistair: Gino! Stop!
Gino: Huh? (MR-1 stops) Hey, I know that voice...
Alistair: Gino, my friend's in here! I need to get her out!
Gino: Oh... Oh! Alright, I'll help, too!
Alistair: No! I'll get her out, then you can head for the pizza!
Gino: Huh. It certainly sounds quicker.
Alistair: (opens container, reaches for C.C.) Come on.
C.C.: Good timing. (grabs Alistair's hand)
Alistair: (carries C.C., closes container, jumps off) Alright, good to go!
Gino: Thanks, man! You must really like pizza! (MR-1 resumes moving)
Alistair: You alright?
C.C.: Yeah. I can certainly get used to being rescued, by you.
Alistair: You consider this therapeutic?
C.C.: (hugs Alistair) Yeah.
Lelouch: (panting) Oh, God... Alistair? You got her out?
Alistair: Yeah.
Lelouch: (sighs) That's good- (immediately pulls out phone and takes a picture)
Alistair: Seriously?
Lelouch: It's adorable. This is going in a photo album.
Alistair: Looks like the giant pizza is a success, once again.
Lelouch: Good. I'm hungry as hell.
C.C.: Same.
Alistair: (sniffs) You'll eat, after you shower. I'll bring you a piece.
C.C.: You're the escort.
Alistair: Fine, geez.

Alistair and C.C. walked toward the clubhouse, C.C. forcing Alistair's arm around her.

Lelouch: Huh. That's even more adorable. (takes picture)
Shirley: Lelouch! Did you get C.C. out?
Lelouch: No, Alistair did.
Shirley: Good. You certainly left fast.
Kallen: Damn...this...costume... (panting)
Shirley: By the way, why do you have your phone out?
Lelouch: (shows photos)
Shirley: Oh, my God. Yes. That is precious.
Kallen: What?
Shirley: They're pictures of C.C. hugging Alistair.
Kallen: Ah, dammit! I missed it! (pauses) Can you share that, with me?
Lelouch: Done.
Kallen: (hand pops out of mascot's mouth, give a thumbs up) Thanks.

8 hours later, Lelouch was on the roof of the main building, looking at the students dancing, while on the phone.

Lelouch: I owe you, again, Xingke.
Xingke: (over phone) You literally don't owe me anything. That pizza was damn good. I'm glad that I know you, now. Also, you took photos of Alistair and this girl, C.C., right?
Lelouch: Yeah?
Xingke: The only photo I got to see was her forcing his arm, around her shoulders. This is the kind of friendship that has to exist, everywhere.
Lelouch: Do you have a way for me to contact the High Eunuchs?
Xingke: Do you wanna take them down?
Lelouch: ...I might.
Xingke: I'll figure something out. Ohh, that was so filling. (hangs up)
Lelouch: (puts phone in pocket, thinking) Well, today's certainly been fun. But, the harsh challenge...
Suzaku: Lelouch. (walks up to Lelouch)
Lelouch: right around the corner. (out loud) I thought you'd be down there, enjoying the festival.
Suzaku: (looks towards the ground, then back to Lelouch) No.
Lelouch: So, what's the occasion?

Suzaku pulled out his cell phone dialed a number into it, and forced the phone into Lelouch's hand.

Suzaku: For you. Talk.
Lelouch: Okay...? (puts phone to ear) Hello?
Nunnally Lamperouge: (over phone) Lelouch?
Lelouch: (thinking) Oh, shit.
Turn 5: Knights of the Round
Part 3: Averting Disaster

Ashford's giant pizza event is about to transpire, once again, as "Suzaku" plans his next move.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
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