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Ashford Academy, 8:12 p.m. Lelouch was frozen with fear, his hand holding Suzaku's cell phone and Suzaku standing behind him, on the rooftop of the main building.

Suzaku: Talk. I won't repeat myself.
Nunnally: (over phone) Lelouch? Is it you?
Lelouch: (thinking) Dammit... Dammit, dammit, dammit! I don't know what to do! I have to let her know that I'm alright! But, if I do...! I don't know...!

Lelouch slowly looked behind him and saw Rolo, at the doorway. Rolo activated his Geass, specifically to stop Suzaku.

Lelouch: Thank you! (out loud) Nunnally!
Rolo: (eyes widen, thinking) Nunnally? Alright, take all the time you need. She's...your real family.
Nunnally: Lelouch! I'm glad-!
Lelouch: Listen to me. I don't have much time. We have to act like complete strangers, for now, okay? I'll find a way to rescue you, I promise! (looks at Rolo, mouthing) I'm done. Go, go!
Rolo: (gives thumbs up, goes through door)
Lelouch: (thinking) Thanks, Rolo. Nunnally deserves another brother. (out loud) Sorry, the person who handed me this phone must have confused me for someone else. Sorry. Oh, you were looking for Alistair Wake? No, don't know who that is, either. Sorry to waste your time.
Nunnally: Lelouch... I don't know anyone named Alistair Wake.
Lelouch: (thinking) There it is. The cruel punch line. (hands phone back to Suzaku, out loud) Sounds like a nice girl.
Suzaku: (crushes cell phone) Waste of time.

As Suzaku was about to leave, Alistair opened the door, and finally reunited with Suzaku.

Alistair: (smiles) Hey, buddy.
Suzaku: Move aside.
Alistair: Hey, it's been a couple of months. I missed you.
Suzaku: I have no time for nonsense. Stand aside.
Alistair: Well, before you turn in, I gotta ask you a few questions. You know, for personal reasons.
Suzaku: (takes a deep breath) Ask.
Alistair: Why'd you join the Britannian military, despite being Japanese.
Suzaku: I was bored. Especially, because of your friend, here.
Alistair: Mm-hmm. And, uh, what happened between you and your father, again?
Suzaku: Nothing. I had a normal childhood.
Alistair: (stops smiling) Mm-hmm.
Suzaku: If you're done with inane questions, I'll take my leave. (walks toward door)
Alistair: Last question, Suzaku.
Suzaku: (stops walking) Very well.
Alistair: What's your girlfriend's name?
Suzaku: (pauses, turns around) I don't have one.
Alistair: Wrong answer.

Alistair kicked Suzaku to the wall and repeatedly punched his face, holding him against the wall.

Alistair: You're not Suzaku Kururugi. I don't know who you are, but you're done, here. Whatever plots you were about to use are now null and void. Now, you're gonna tell me everything I wanna know, or I'll have my friend Rolo peel your dick like a banana!
Suzaku: You know nothing, Wake. I will have my revenge-
Alistair: (headbutts Suzaku) Spare me the melodrama. (drags Suzaku to door) Get off my turf. (kicks Suzaku down the stairs, closes door) You were right. It's not him.
Lelouch: He made me talk to Nunnally. She didn't know you.
Alistair: That's Civility for you. Assholes with impossible tech. (pulls out walkie-talkie) Ranger to Glaston. Spread this message as you escort Suzaku off of the premises. Until further notice, Suzaku Kururugi is not allowed on Ashford grounds.

The next day, Pendragon military base. Sears walked with the general of the Britannian Air Force, aboard one of the new aircrafts.

General Upson Thompson: This should be simple. I don't see how it could be difficult.
Sears: Nothing is ever simple. You're dealing with an enemy of the Enclave, that nearly wiped us out. As well as-
General Upson: Spare me your theories. It doesn't matter if they took the best that Britannia had to offer, on that small waste of land.
Sears: Then, there's Zero.
General Upson: He's dead, "Mr. President". The Zero that reared his head is an imposter.
Sears: If we know Zero in a way that you don't, then you know full well that's impossible. The Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks have resurfaced. Don't take them lightly. If you do, we'll have to be the ones to clean up your mess. (adjusts glasses) Am I clear?
General Upson: Am I supposed to be scared?
Sears: Your funeral. (walks off)
General Upson: Hmph. "Four eyes, zero soul," indeed. Where's that Earl?
Lloyd Asplund: Don't rush me.

Lloyd and Cecile walked up to Upson, Lloyd completely different from his normal self, with a scowl on his face.

Lloyd: Atlas' demands aren't my style. Buzzkills. (sighs) Need a new nicotine patch.
General Upson: You...smoke?
Lloyd: Not anymore.
Cecile Croomy: The Lancelot's ready.
General Upson: Good. We've already lost two princesses and a prince to this scum. We're not losing any more!
Lloyd: You lost Schneizel, 10 years ago. If he met you, now, he'd probably shoot you. For being an asshole.
General Upson: I'll forgive that insult, for now. Be ready to move out. (walks off)
Cecile: Way to start a fight.
Lloyd: We've been held prisoner for months. I'm done being Civility's bitch. It's about time that they returned to being the world's bitch.

Meanwhile, in the capital city of China, Kaguya was having dinner with the Empress of the Chinese Federation, Tianzi, two of the High Eunuchs watching over them.

Kaguya Sumeragi: So, his enemies are back, huh? This is bad.
Tianzi: What's wrong?
Kaguya: I'm going to have to leave, soon.
Tianzi: Please, not now. (tears up) Not when I've made a real friend.
Kaguya: Singular? Try a lot of new friends. Especially the one I'm concerned about, Alistair.
Tianzi: What's he like?
Kaguya: He's...the nicest guy I know. He's really nice to girls. Especially after he was...mercilessly rejected, many times. You might see your new friends, soon! Don't you worry!

Back at Ashford, Lelouch was talking with C.C., in the Mavericks control room, while C.C. was at the Chinese embassy.

C.C.: (over screen) Nunnally's going to attempt to be the new Viceroy. Are you going to fight her?
Lelouch: ...Was that supposed to be a joke? I'm not laughing.
C.C.: What if Civility messed with her head? What then?
Lelouch: We fix it. Without hurting her.
C.C.: She really means that much, to you?
Lelouch: She has meaning for Alistair, too! We have to save her! No matter what!
C.C.: What if she doesn't want to be saved? What if she wants to kill Zero? What if she wants to eliminate that Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks? What if-?
Lelouch: (glares at C.C., tears up)
C.C.: (pauses) Sorry. You're right. We have to rescue her. Civility messed with her memories, and we'll fix them.
Lelouch: Is it so hard to sound idealistic? Because you actually made sense, there, and sounded like a person.
C.C.: Immortality. V.V.'s got it, too. He's your former dad's first ally.
Lelouch: He actually had an ally?
C.C.: His chief confederate. They made a pact, long before you were ever born.

Meanwhile, at the Sword of Akasha, V.V. and Charles stood at the end of the platform, looking at the eternal sunset.

V.V.: Impressive, isn't it? Civility's technology, I mean?
Charles: Yes. It worked as well as I had hoped. Especially with Nunnally.
V.V.: You left out the fact that Lelouch, her own brother, was Zero.
Charles: Would you tell her?
V.V.: You're still a child, behind those wrinkles.
Charles: Perhaps I am...big brother.
V.V.: Rather unfortunate, gaining immortality at such a young age. Now, I'm stuck, like this.
Charles: It's rather hard to believe that you're the source of Geass, for cyborgs.
V.V.: Worthy cyborgs. Civility's technological possibilities are endless. Our contract will come to fruition.
Charles: We will slay God.

Meanwhile, aboard a Britannian flagship, Nunnally waited in her room, for her return to Japan.

Nunnally: Lelouch will be so happy to see me, after all this time. I wonder...could there be any perfume, in here?

Nunnally moved her wheelchair towards the table mirror and felt around, until she grabbed a strange box.

Nunnally: Huh? Feels like...a ring box? What could-?

When Nunnally opened the box, music began playing.

Nunnally: Oh! A music box! So pretty. So... S-So... (tears up, trembles)

2017 a.t.b., Ashford Academy, Nunnally's room. Alistair placed a music box in Nunnally's hands, as it played its music.

Nunnally: It's a pretty song.
Alistair: My mom left it for me. That's a rendition of a Metallica song. "Nothing Else Matters." I want you to have it. I don't need it, anymore.
Nunnally: Thank you. Um...could you sing it, for me?
Alistair: You're lucky. The ending's my favorite part, and mom had this variant of the ending custom made. (singing) Never cared for what they say. Never cared for games they played. Never cared for what they do. Never cared for what they know. And, I know. (pauses) And, nothing else matters...

2018 a.t.b., Britannian flagship.

Nunnally: (singing) And, nothing else matters...

Nunnally cried into her forearm, as she laid her head on the table. Suddenly, she heard a distorted shattering sound and looked up. She slowly moved her eyelids and opened her eyes.

Nunnally: I... I can see? (looks at music box) Thank you...Alistair.

Nunnally then heard talking, outside her room. She opened the door and saw Suzaku at the other end, talking on his phone.

Suzaku: Everything is proceeding as planned, Director. (pauses) She won't be a liability. I'll kill her before that happens. (pauses) I will do anything to kill Wake, no matter the cost. I will have my revenge.
Nunnally: (closes door) That's not Suzaku. He wants to kill Alistair... What do I do? (takes a deep breath) Okay... I've done it my way. There are times when being nice is mandatory. Not this time. This calls for the Alistair Wake approach.
Turn 6: Rescue Above the Pacific Ocean
Part 1: Matters of Life

Lelouch learns that Nunnally is safe, but also learns a harsh truth that cannot last.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
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