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Britannian flagship, 10:12 a.m. Zero approached Nunnally, who was sitting alone in her wheelchair, wearing sunglasses.

Nunnally: I was actually expecting Alistair, but you're just as good.
Zero: (thinking) She got her memories back?! That's a step I can skip! (out loud) Nunnally Lamperouge. I'm here to rescue you.
Nunnally: That's a given. Unfortunately, your guys are about to be swarmed. You should tell them to retreat, while they can.
Zero: Not until we get you out of here.
Nunnally: Aren't you a hero? Well... (removes sunglasses) I do like that, about you.
Zero: (thinking) Nunnally... You can see...

Outside the flagship, the Black Knights' Knightmares attempted to fight off Zanzibar's Vincent, but failed to keep up, the Guren included.

Kallen: How is he so fast?! He's kicking our asses! He's supposed to be a pushover!
Tohdoh: To Alistair, yeah. You're forgetting that we never fought these guys, before, and he was one of Hawking's second-in-commands. If Sears was the brains...
Kallen: He's the combat specialist. Shit.
Zanzibar: Your end is here, Elevens! And, the Knights of the Round have arrived!
Kallen: Double shit.
Asahina: What's that jet!?

As Asahina's Gekka tried to shoot down the Tristan, in its jet form, the Tristan got close and transformed.

Asahina: Oh, shit! Starscream-!

The Tristan severely damaged Asahina's Gekka with its MVS polearm, causing Asahina to eject.

Tohdoh: So much for ease. Brace for impact! That last ship's heading for us!

Before the last airship could reach the flagship, the Mordred fired its Stark Hadron Cannon, destroying the ship.

Gino: Man, the Mordred's a powerhouse. Anya, can you be a little more careful?
Anya: It exploded away from the flagship. No problem, there.
Gino: Well... Okay, yeah, good reaction time.

Meanwhile, aboard the Avalon, Suzaku entered the hangar, looking at the newly upgraded Lancelot.

Suzaku: The armaments weren't fixed. No matter. The new attachment will do.

Back inside the flagship, Nunnally and Zero continued their conversation.

Nunnally: I had no idea that Civility kidnapped me and messed up my memories. My own father...rather, my former father... He was the one who made me shut my eyes, for so long. I could remember conversations that scientists had. "Geass", they called it. The same power that was given to Agents of Civility. I don't know what the Emperor of Ego is plotting...but it can't be good.
Zero: It isn't.
Nunnally: It's you, isn't it, Lelouch? I know your voice, anywhere. Can you take off the mask?

Lelouch took off the mask, revealing his crying face.

Lelouch: Nunnally...
Nunnally: Wow. Alistair was right. You are good-looking.

The Lancelot Conquista launched from the Avalon, straight towards the flagship. The Lancelot fired its VARIS at the Guren.

Suzaku: You still live, Eleven? Pathetic. You aren't worth my time.

The Lancelot Conquista's VARIS extension, the Hadron Blaster, locked itself with the VARIS and fired at the Guren, making contact and destroying the Radiant Wave Surger arm.

Kallen: Dammit!
Suzaku: Now... Zero. Core Luminous Cone, active.

Back inside the flagship, Lelouch and Nunnally could feel the ship shaking.

Nunnally: I think we're about to have company.
Lelouch: Shit!

The Lancelot Conquista burst through one of the walls of the garden, using its Blaze Luminous to drill a hole into it.

Lelouch: (holds on to column) I knew it! It was you!
Suzaku: Lelouch vi Britannia. Still you live, still you defy. Wasted potential. (Lancelot points VARIS at Lelouch) Any attempt you can think of, to fight me, is pointless. You can't hurt me.
Nunnally: How about this one!?

Nunnally pulled the pin on a strange grenade and threw it at the Lancelot. The grenade exploded with an electromagnetic pulse and Suzaku screamed in pain, despite that fact. When the pulse faded, the Lancelot's right eye turned orange, as well as Suzaku's, and his voice was completely different.

Familiar Voice: (enraged) You living, breathing pile of shit! You'll pay for your benevolence, you human scum!

Lelouch slowly began to recognize the voice, as it echoed in his thoughts. He then remembered what had happened at Kamine Island.

2017 a.t.b., Kamine Island. Suzaku pointed his gun at Lelouch, and Kallen pointed her gun at Suzaku.

Kallen: Suzaku! Drop the gun, now!
Suzaku: (lowers gun, chuckles)
Kallen: You think this is funny!? Drop it!

Suzaku's laughter got louder, until his voice suddenly changed with a more evil laugh. Suzaku turned around and Kallen saw that his right eye turned orange.

Suzaku: I'm not your puppet of a friend.
Kallen: What the hell...?
Lelouch: Sigma.
Civility AI Sigma: In the suit of shit you call flesh.
Lelouch: The one time I didn't bring that tazer. Could've settled it, here.
Kallen: What the hell do you want, Sigma!?
Sigma: Revenge. Wake took everything from me, and I'll take away what's precious, to him.
Kallen: Oh, so you're still butthurt, 'cause your boyfriend died?
Sigma: Don't you mock me!
Lelouch: I don't even know if AIs can even attain sexuality, but that's the response I'd pick, anyway.
Sigma: Shut up! You humans are such a headache! You snark, insult and be heroes, for no reason! It sickens me! People like you are an insult to life!
Kallen: Well, what do you know? You're not just an AI... You're a PTSD'd a-hole.
Lelouch: I'll be damned. An AI with PTSD. Sounds like a first, to me.
Sigma: I said, shut up! You wastes of life! You're nothing but walking, talking piles of shit!
Lelouch: There's really no reasoning with this prick.
Kallen: He's a sociopathic mess.
Sigma: Die... DIIIIE!

Before Sigma could use Suzaku's body to point his gun back at Lelouch, Kallen wrapped her arms around Suzaku's waist.

Kallen: Not today!
Sigma: Get your hands off me, you benevolent worm!

Kallen lifted Suzaku's body and German Suplexed Sigma on the stone stairs, knocking Sigma out.

Lelouch: Well...that happened.
Kallen: We need to take care of him, when we get back, with Nunnally.

Present day, Britannian flagship. Lelouch held on to the column as the Lancelot pointed its VARIS at him.

Lelouch: Sigma, you bastard! Let Suzaku go!
Nunnally: So it was Sigma!
Sigma: You're all paying, for your insolence! What?!

Outside the flagship, the Yatagarasu approached the flagship, with the Yoshitsune standing on the front.

Chiba: Alistair?! (grunts)

Chiba's Gekka was restrained by the Mordred grabbing its head, and crushing it with one hand.

Anya: Alistair Wake, spotted.
Gino: Really? (Tristan's MVS polearm impales Senba's Gekka) Oh, whoops.
Senba: I've lived...too long...anyway... (Gekka explodes)
Gino: Ah... Sorry? (Tristan looks at Yatagarasu) Oh, shit, look at that! It's huge! And... That's...the Yoshitsune?
Alistair: Hi, Gino. Anya.
Gino: That guy from the festival! You're Alistair Wake?!
Alistair: Bingo. Entry Harken, please.

The Yatagarasu launched a Slash Harken at the flagship, connecting with it, and the Yoshitsune grinded on the wire. The Tristan attempted to intercept the Yoshitsune, but its attacks were blocked.

Alistair: Look, I ain't got time to play. Where's Nunnally Lamperouge?
Gino: Sorry, but I can't let that happen!

The Tristan continued its offensive as the Mordred fired its Stark Hadron Cannon, causing the Yoshitsune to dodge and fall off of the wire as it was destroyed.

Gino: Man... Why can't these guys have aerial units-? What the-?

The Tristan and Mordred saw the Yoshitsune rise past one of the wings of the flagship, using boosters on its feet. The Yoshitsune's backpack suddenly extended, revealing a float unit as the boosters shut off.

Gino: Well... Was that from the Siegfried prototype?
Alistair: Damn right. Lloyd left behind the schematics, before he was kidnapped.
Gino: Wait, kidnapped?
Sigma: I swear I'll end you!
Alistair: That voice... That bastard!

Back at the garden, Lelouch struggled to hold on to the column and had to find better holding with the foliage.

Nunnally: Hang on, Lelouch!
Lelouch: I'm trying!
Sigma: Die! All of you, die!
Alistair: SIGMA!

The Lancelot was suddenly tackled away by the Yoshitsune. Lelouch reached Nunnally and held her hand, trying to save her from the wind current.

Lelouch: Nunnally! I won't let go! Not after all this!
Nunnally: Lelouch... I...

Back outside the flagship, the Guren could no longer hold on to the wing of the flagship and started falling.

Kallen: I can't believe it... I... I failed you...Alistair.
Rakshata: (over radio) Sorry for the delay. I think it's time to show these clowns something dynamic. Launching Guren update, now.

The Black Knights' submarine launched the glide wing pack towards the falling Guren, catching it and re-equipping its Radiant Wave Surger arm.

Rakshata: Oh, and that pack comes with a new Stinger. Have fun.
Kallen: I will!

The Guren was launched upward and activated its float unit.

Gino: Oh, it can fly, now?
Zanzibar: I'll end you, Eleven!
Kallen: Wait 'till I fry you!
Kaguya: (over radio) Well... You can. From there.
Kallen: Alrighty, then!

The Guren activated its Radiant Wave Surger and fired a beam at Zanzibar's Vincent, making a direct hit.

Zanzibar: No! I just got this unit!

Zanzibar ejected as his Vincent exploded.

Tohdoh: Kallen, Zero needs help!
Kallen: Nunnally... I'm coming!

Back at the garden, Lelouch was starting to lose his grip on Nunnally.

Lelouch: No! Please, hang on!
Nunnally: It's okay, Lelouch. I can try to swim, at least. It was good to see you, at last.

Nunnally put Lelouch's mask back on his head and let go of Lelouch's hand. As Lelouch watched Nunnally fall towards the hole in the wall, time seemed to slow, and his heart stopped beating. Before Nunnally could fall towards the ocean, a pearl white Vincent caught her, and Lelouch's heart started beating again. As Zero fell through the air, the Guren caught him.

Kallen: Zero! Are you alright!?
Zero: (inhales sharply, coughs) Oh, God! (coughs) My heart hurts! (coughs) I... Oh... (passes out)

The pearl white Vincent landed in the hangar of the Yatagarasu, putting Nunnally down, gently.

Kanda: What the hell?
Nunnally: Oh! Are you the Tokyo Mavericks?
Kanda: Nunnally! Yeah, we're here to rescue you.
Nunnally: That's good. (looks at Vincent) Um... Thank you.
Vincent: (static, then speakerphones turn on) Yeah, no problem. I just got here, but I'll get used to this.
Nunnally: Huh?

Nunnally looked at the Vincent's head and saw a small Greek letter for "alpha".

Nunnally: (gasps) You're...Alpha!
Civility AI Alpha: Yeah. How'd you know that?
Nunnally: I-I'm Nunnally! I'm friends with Alistair! He told me about how he rescued you!
Alpha: You're one of Alistair's friends, huh? You're cute enough to be one. So, we're friends, too. Hey, I gotta get back out there, kick some ass.
Nunnally: Do just that. Please.
Turn 6: Rescue Above the Pacific Ocean
Part 3: Root of Ambition

As Lelouch boards the Britannian flagship to rescue Nunnally, the truth about Suzaku is revealed.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
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