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Above the Pacific Ocean, 10:32 a.m. The Yoshitsune was fighting the Lancelot Conquista, on top of a Britannian flagship.

Alistair: It was you, at the battle for Tokyo! You took control of Suzaku's body!
Sigma: Damn you, Wake! I hate you! I hate you, with every fiber of my being! You took the only person I could trust away from me!
Alistair: Big whoop. You're all assholes.
Sigma: No, you're the asshole! Your constant heroics and moralism make me sick! You have no understanding on how this world works! Power is everything! Power is limitless! Power-!
Alistair: Is nothing. Power leads nowhere. People work together to destroy power. You're just an ambitious asshole who can't function without Mercer.
Sigma: I won't fall to you, anymore! I'm the strongest there is! When I'm through, the world will be a technological haven!
Alistair: You wanna wipe out humanity that you don't like. You really are a mess.
Sigma: (laughs)
Alistair: (Yoshitsune looks left) You actually made it.

Sigma continued laughing evilly as Enclave airships were approaching the Britannian flagship.

Inside the Yatagarasu, Nunnally was brought to the bridge and saw the Enclave's fleet.

Nunnally: What the...!?
Ranger: Those are definitely Enclave ships!
Kanda: What's the flagship!?
Ranger: It's... Oh, shit! YORKTOWN!
Kanda: Oh, that is unfair!

Aboard the Enclave flagship, Yorktown, Sears walked onto the bridge, surveying the situation.

Sears: So... These are the Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks. Sigma's already found Wake, so he'll be occupied. All forces, prepare to attack. If the Rounds get caught in the crossfire...we'll just label them as collateral damage.

Back at the Britannian airship, the Tristan and Mordred noticed the Enclave fleet, then brought their attention back to the Lancelot.

Gino: So, the reason why he's been so pissy...
Alistair: Was 'cause of this silicon prick.
Anya: An AI. Certainly new.
Sigma: You're mine, Wake! Vengeance is mine!
Kallen: Hey, Sigma! Try this on for size!

The Guren fired from its missile launcher, which launched Gefjun Disturbers, straight at the Lancelot, causing Sigma to scream in pain and the Lancelot to power down.

Kallen: Suzaku! Suzaku!
Alistair: You better be alive, you bastard!
Gino: So, this is the real Suzaku?
Suzaku: Gino... You could...stand to be...a good person. Same...for Anya.
Gino: Well...yeah.
Alistair: Suzaku, where's Sigma, on your body!?
Suzaku: Don't...know... Shit...!
Sigma: How dare you awaken, human mongrel! Die!
Suzaku: No... I promised... For Lelouch...Nunnally...and Euphie... I!
Sigma: Shut up, shut up, shut up! Your god damn, idiotic, nonsensical drivel on hope makes me sick! Damn you all! Damn all you heroic, moral humans! Wretched abominations, all of you! I'll kill you!
Sears: (over speakers) Recall Code: S-75491, Mercer.
Sigma: (pauses) (Lancelot flies towards Enclave fleet)
Gino: Who are these guys?
Alistair: The Confederate Enclave. I drove them into hiding, and I'm going to kill them all.
Gino: Sworn enemies, huh? So, what do we do?
Anya: I suggest a temporary truce.
Alistair: Or, you two could get the hell out of here.
Gino: (pauses) Nah, I wanna see how good you are!

In the Yatagarasu's bridge, the Mavericks were panicking to their stations, stressed at the Enclave forces. Nunnally brought her wheelchair to the captain's station.

Nunnally: People, listen to me! We can't afford to let Alistair's enemies come back and do as they please! We need to make them pay for what they've done! They're holding Alistair's future hostage, and we're freeing Alistair of this burden! And, I hate to swear, but...get your asses in gear!
Kanda: To be fair, you make swearing sound adorable. But, the problem is that we don't have very many float units. And, the guns won't reach, 'cause of that ship and the Black Knights, in the way.
Nunnally: There has to be something... (notices big button) "H.G.C."? Might as well!

Nunnally slammed her hand on the button, and the captain's station began rising toward the ceiling.

Nunnally: Huh?! What?! What does "H.G.C." stand for?!

Meanwhile, at the Black Knights' submarine, the Guren gently laid Zero on top of it, and medics carried him inside.

Kallen: Alright, now that he's safe, let's get these assholes!
Rakshata: (over radio) I'd sit back, if I were you.
Kallen: What are you-? Jesus Christ.

The sides of the top portion of the Yatagarasu began extending, pointing massive gatling barrels in the direction the ship is facing. Nunnally found herself looking out at the Enclave fleet, with aiming controls in front of her.

Nunnally: Hadron Gatling Cannons. Works for me!

Aboard one of the Enclave airships, the captain saw the gatling barrels being rotating, energy charging inside the cannons.

Enclave Cannons: (laughs) What good will that do? They'll hit their allies! (laughs)

As the Hadron Gatling Cannons started firing, the last thing the Enclave captain saw was a diamond-shaped shot of Hadron energy, its edge piercing through his head.

The Hadron Gatling Cannons continued its rapid fire assault, destroying every Enclave airship, save for the Yorktown, as it defended itself with its Blaze Luminous.

Sears: Clever. To think that Hadron could become actual projectiles. No matter. Prepare the Hadron cannons.

As the Yorktown began charging its Hadron cannons, the Black Knights aboard the Britannian flagship began ejecting from their Knightmares.

Tohdoh: Abort, abort, abort! Move it! (ejects from Gekka)

As Tohdoh ejected, the entire flagship was destroyed by the Yorktown's Hadron Cannons.

Sears: It appears the engines weren't fully calibrated to the Hadron Cannons. I suppose we must retreat. For now. Full speed reverse.

Meanwhile, at the Britannian royal palace, Luciano Bradley was watching the TV in the Knights of the Rounds' lounge. The footage he saw was the Yoshitsune gaining the upper hand against the Tristan and Mordred.

Luciano Bradley: What the hell am I looking at? Is that Gino and Anya? Is that-? Is that supposed to be me? Is that me stronger than me!? I'll freaking kill me!

Back over the Pacific Ocean, Lloyd looked out at the battle in front of the Avalon, and saw the Yoshitsune's float unit.

Lloyd: (smiles) Look at that. He got the float unit schematics I left.
Cecile: You left the schematics behind, on purpose?
Lloyd: Had to do something. Otherwise, our friends wouldn't have the upper hand.
Cecile: What are we going to do about Sigma?
Lloyd: Don't know. He's fixated on Alistair. Perhaps Rakshata has lots of Gefjun devices handy.

The Yoshitsune cut through the Tristan's polearm, then one of the Mordred's shoulders.

Gino: Wow! You really are good!
Alistair: Can you go, now?
Gino: Okay, fine! Come on, Anya.
Anya: (Mordred waves) Bye.
Alistair: Aw. That's cute. Wonder how Zero's doin'?

Inside the Black Knights' submarine, Zero laid in a medical bed, unconscious and randomly twitching.

Rakshata: And...he said his heart was hurting?
Kallen: I think it might have been almost seeing Nunnally killed.
Rakshata: Ah, guilt. And, possibly, the only thing that kept him sane. You can deal with where he goes, right? (exits room)
Kallen: (thinking) Lelouch... I hope you're okay.
Turn 6: Rescue Above the Pacific Ocean
Part 4: Yorktown

Nunnally's rescue has been assured, but the Enclave's flagship has come to fruition, as Sigma's rage intensifies.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
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